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Getting ct results today

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It's that anxiety time again. Haven't been on for while. Been crazy with the new puppy! (who is a handful -what was I thinking???!! LOL) Husband goes for 7th treatment and results of last weeks scan. He did develop a small blod clot a couple weeks ago and I'm worried he will be taken off the clinical trial he's on or have to forgo the avastin. A lot is riding on these results. We are having them put on a cd to send to someone else for review for possible options, rfa, theraspheres, etc. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. God Bless and keep the faith.

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How in the world am I going to work at my computer today with my fingers crossed? I guess I will just have to do it somehow.

Thoughts and prayers.


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Thinking and praying for you and your husband today. The waiting gets sooo long. Keep the faith! Keep us all posted on the results.


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Good vibes coming your way.

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I am sending positive vibes and prayers your way.


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