what is the cost for AVASTIN

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Well avastin is given $412 towards each prescription (300ml of avastin),towards the drug, when ever my mom starts it, how often do they give the Avastin? she gets chemo folfox and Oxaliplatin every second week, does that mean she gets 2 prescriptions of it ? how much is Avastin ?I heard around $3000 a month Canadian? is this true? we raised some money but not alot of money....she is starting FOLFOX/ OX in a week in a half, the folfiri didnt work for her and the Oncologist said her liver got larger. I really want to raise money towards the avastin, how many cycles do you need for avastin? what happens if you can only afford a couple? my mom is going to get disability this month, but wow the little bit of money they give her , she can't live off of that and pay for the drug, FUNDRAISING if anyone have any advice....


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    I found this information on the Genentech website. Perhaps they can help:

    Avastin Patient Assistance Program:
    Genentech is now enrolling patients in the Avastin Patient Assistance program, a first-of-its-kind program that allows physicians and eligible patients to limit the overall expense of Avastin in FDA-approved indications. The program is available for eligible patients regardless of whether they are insured. For more information, please call (888) 249-4918 or visit www.SPOConline.com.

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    Hi Wanda,
    I'm currently taking Avastin every 3 weeks. My cost is around $3700. It's prescribed by weight. I'm 185 lbs. I imagine your Mom is lighter. You are probably looking at around $3000+ per treatment.
    Most of your questions need to be answered by your oncologist. He/she may be able to try it for a couple of times to see if it is effective.
    I have no idea what you might do for fund-raising.
    This is a big debate in Canada. Provinces are divided on coverage. Many feel that Avastin does not provide enough benefit for the cost. The result is those who can fund it or afford it are getting it. Others are not. This article on the Colorectal Cancer Assoc. site says a little more.
    Blessings... Rob
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    my insurance is billed $7588.00 each time i have an infusion of avastin. this included the nurse administration, the port flush and heperin injection. I can only pray for your situation that you find the answers.