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stage IV colon cancer

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My Doctor told me that the side effects of chemo would resolve when the chemo was discontinued. Little did I know then that stage IV cancer, progressing, means staying on chemo until the end or hospice care and the side effects will continue. The Oncology Nurses are the ones that address your comfort that the MDs don't consider.

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Not true. I'm a stage IV and I am currently off chemo and NED. Keep positive thoughts! The chemo will get rid of your cancer. Surgery didn't remove?


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Same here....Stage IV no chemo and also NED ( No evidence of disease)It can be a long battle, but you can win it...Please read our posts....it will help you a lot...
God bless

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I am stage IV and have done chemo 3 times and gone NED 3 times. I am starting my 4th go at chemo next week. so in the last 42 months, only 14 have involved doing chemo. I am STILL confident that this can be beat. My cancer is labeled as metastatic but only in theory and in the minds of the doctors. I have damadge done from chemo side effects but I went water skiing last weekend and today I took a friend visiting from Montreal all over the city site seeing. Chemo is gross, nasty and a big pain in the A@@. but.... it is one of many regiments I am utilizing to stay alive. and today I am 3.5yrs from diagnosis and still kicking pretty good. I would be glad to share how your mind can overcome fear and doubt. Keep on fighting and rememver, no matter how horrible it may get/be. There is someting to be thankful for today. Find out what that is.

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It is so easy to fall for the "snake oil" miracle cures. When you are stage IV and still have disease after surgery and chemo alternatives are tempting. I had to stop 5FU, the mainstay, due to side effects making the quality of life unbearable. The next drug planned is Erbitux which has unique side effects of its own.

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Double ditto on the not true. My husband is also Stage IV colorectal. He has had surgery,chemo and rads. This Friday 7/13 will be one full year since his surgery and today still NED. Next month
we will take a week long motorcycle trip. Keep positive and ask questions.

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