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Hair colouring

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Hello again all you inspirational Semi Colons

Apologies first of all for the triviality of this post .... I just wondered if anyone knew how soon after chemotherapy one can colour one's hair (I've actually got some left! Only two treatments to go!)? I have had highlights since I was 18 and had long forgotten what my natural colour was - now the roots are growing back in a very unappealing grey-flecked mousy brown and I can't wait to cover them up. My oncologist says wait at least six weeks (but doesn't really seem to know or care much about his patients' coiffeur!) but my oncology nurse advised me to wait six months. I wonder what other people have done? Are some products safer than others? Unfortunately to go blond I think peroxide is the only solution and the nurse told me my hair would be much too fragile for this and would probably fall out.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance, Catherine

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Most cancer patients would think that hair color is the least of their problems, but I have wondered the same and stopped going to the hair dresser. I have since found that a hair color rinse doesn't hurt but you might have to revisit your hairdresser every 4 weeks.

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My oncologist told me to avoid hair products (perm/coloring) for at least 6 months. It takes quite a while for all the nasty stuff to get out of your system.


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Hey, Catherine!
Your post is NOT trivial! One's self image takes a HUGE compromise during chemotherapy. I had the very same concerns. Then I learned avout Aveda products. They do not use ammonia or peroxide like traditional hair colorings. (Sorry.....US spelling.) The basis of their products are plant alkaloids. I used this hair coloring throughout my 6 months of chemotherapy with GREAT results. Now that I am done, I plan on continuing with these products. I like them far better than what I was using. Like you, I did not lose all my hair. I lost about 50% of it. Its all growing back now, thank God! Check out the web site www.aveda.com
They usually have free standing salons. See if there is one in your area. I was lucky. There is a salon right in my home town .
Best of luck to you! Don't EVER stop looking good!

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I colored my hair while I was doing my chemo. As a matter of fact it was my onocologist's nurse that told me I could color it. He noticed my roots and mentioned it to me. He said the prohibition against it is old news and really not true. I guess it is just another one of those things that have changed recently. It was such a lift to be able to at least do that to look and feel a little better. I color my hair at home using Colorsilk. I don't know if the type of chemo you are on makes a difference. I was on FOLFOX (5FU, leuc., and oxa.).

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I asked my onc and he said go ahead so I did! My hair was way to grey for a 41 year old. I took my husband up to where I work and another manager was hired while I was out and she asked if he was my son. She wasn't my favorite peer when I went back to work.

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Hi there,
I would try something that is either demi-permanent - or - ther are enzyme solutions instead of peroxide for bleaching...
Ask around...ther are color specialsts who are pretty good chemists; they know their stuff. Be up front about your questions and I am sure you will find lots of help.
All the best to you and you will feel great with a revitalized color! Take care, Maura

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I finished chemo in Nov 06 and had my hair permed the same month or early Dec 06 and had no problems. I have also continued with my highlights.

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Hi Catherine,
Your post was not trivial at all. I colored my hair (30 volume peroxide and light blonde permanent hair color) from day one. I asked my oncologist and he said go ahead so I did. I did not lose my hair only some thinning.

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