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Looking for Treatment Options

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Hello. My mom age 61 was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer in February. Colon resection, ileostomy and now into second month of chemo (Xeloda). We are not real happy with treatment she is receiving and are looking for advice from others. She has had a very difficult time. We are currently at the University of KY. Seem to be good docs but I as a caretaker feel like we have to hold their hands and I just think maybe we need to look elsewhere. She has a partial bowel obstruction. Can only eat clears and the doc won't even think about TPN. So everyday she is growing weaker. Any advice about other treatments hospitals would be helpful. Thanks.

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Go to google.com and search on comprehensive cancer centers and see if you have one close by. I just did it for you: www.cancercenters.cancer.gov then click on the left hand side of the page that list the sites alphabetically or by state.

Good for you for thinking about a second opinion. Keep us posted.

Lisa P.

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Why are you unhappy with the treatment? Side effects or lack of efficiency? What has the doctor said regarding your concerns? Why won't the doctor even think about TPN?

Be careful when soliciting opinions regarding something like treatment or medical advice from the internet. Consult with the doctors prior to changing to something else based solely on others' opinions. What works for one may not work for all.

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Another question....

Why won't the docs consider TPN when they have done it for your mom in the past, and it was successful then? Very odd....

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