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Bowel Blockage Yikes!!!

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Hi all,
Just when I thought it was safe to back into the water...... I end up at the ER. On Sunday July 1st I got up ate a bowl of cerel and an hour later had the worst upper abdominal pains. I of course blew them off all day. I kept telling my husband something was wrong. We finally went to the ER when I started throwing up along with pain at 3am Monday morning. At the ER they did lots of blood work (everything was normal). The ER doc came in and saw me and said he was not going to do a CT scan because it is hard on the kidneys (my kidney function was fine). He then sent me home with some phergan and lortab and a shot of zofran and dilaudid. He said he thought it was from my chemo. I told him I had never had symptoms like this. I left anyway (against my better judgement). Now to all you hardheads out there like me stay and demand to find out what is wrong. Call your oncologist or surgeon. I did neither and suffered because of it.
Anyway I went home and 2 hours later started throwing up with the severe pain. This went on until 9am Tuesday morning when I told my husband we had to go back to the hospital. After a 9 hour wait and a CT scan it was discoverd I had a partial small bowel onstruction. They admitted me immediately. Had a wonderful NG tube put in place and was pumped full of antiobiotics and IV for dehydration. They gave it 2 days to resolve itself, but it didn't get any better. So on Thursday it was off to surgery. I am feeling better, still sore from surgery, but should be released from the hospital in the next couple days. Thank goodness I went back to the ER and called my doctors, it could have turned out really bad.
You think I would have learned to be more demanding, but I am getting better and don't want this to happen to any of you. Thanks for listening.


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I am on my 6th....but I still remember my first the most....I thought I had the flu, or ate something wrong...this was 2 weeks after my surgery for breast cancer, 3 months after my bowel resection...sigh...

Landed in the hospital, NG tube, walking and walking for 3 days. Finally they scheduled surgery, removed 3 inches of small bowel...then I was fine.

Number 2, I knew it was coming, cause I knew what it was....drank gallons of water, and walked and walked. Also when a cramp started, bore down like delivering a baby...(sorry,guys...lol).

I have successfully cleared all 5 after the first one...and I no longer have more than a small twing...it's usually on days that I forget my water.

Hugs that it turned out ok...and welcome to the 5% of us that get these post surgery! (I wish I didn't always seek out the rare groups...rofl)

Hugs, Kathi

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You sure have had MORE than your share of problems! And still able to keep a good attitude! (Personally, I'd be falling apart.) You are my HERO! You GO girl! I'll keep the prayers flowing.

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Bowel obstructions are awful. I am sorry you had to suffer with yours for so long before it was treated.

I had my first obstruction while still in the hospital after my resection. You wouldn't think getting an NG tube would be a positive experience but oh what a relief. I was lucky because when I went to the ER with my second obstruction I knew what it was. I told them I was pretty sure I had an obstruction. I had 2 places where the ileus had looped around itself. Fortunately for me it straightened itself out and I didn't need surgery.

I am glad you are through the worst. Hopefully you never have another blockage.

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I totally cannot believe it!! You are supposed to be out living!! I must say I haven't had the experience of an obstruction. Sounds awful. Have a speedy recovery.

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Oh my, Kiersten! I hope you recover quickly from your surgery and thank you for giving out this info. Luckily Carl has not experienced an obstruction- but it helps us to know what to look for...
Heather and Carl

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I've had 2 and like Kathi I was lucky enough to clear them myself. The first one I was in the hospital for 3 days and the second one I stayed at home and drank water until it was coming out my ears. I walked and walked as well. I sure do remember that it hurt A LOT and puking too.

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