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what is the difference between the two, my moms oncologist is changing her to folfox/ox , she was on folfiri for 6 months and it didnt work..any advice

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I do not have any information on either one of these drugs. Do you live near a major cancer center? Your best bet would be to ask the doctor what the difference is. Be careful when getting information from the internet rather than from real doctors who know you and your history. How is the fundraising coming along?

Best of luck,


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Posts: 58
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the fund raising is not going well, I wish i win the lottery.... I am tapped on wht else to do did a couple of benefits and wrote a few places but nothing else???? God Help us

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The difference between the two are the chemo drugs given and of course different side effects. Your oncologist should explain this to you. The only thing the same between the two are that they are given every other week for 12 treatments.

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Hi Wanda,
I think the difference between the two is the Irinotecan will be replaced with Oxaliplatin.
FOLFOX: Folinic Acid (leuvocorin), 5-Fluorouracil, and Oxaliplatin.
FOLFIRI:Folinic Acid (leuvocorin), 5-Fluorouracil,and Irinotecan.
I had 3 months of each in my first 6 month program (04/05)
Talk to your Mom's oncologist about differences and side-effects.
Bye for now...

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her oncologist said there would be tingling in the fingers and toes and sensitivity to cold hands feet and and mouth, to avoid cold things.
Well avastin is given $412 towards each prescription towards the drug, when ever my mom starts it, how often do they give the Avastin? she gets chemo evry second week, does that mean she gets 2 prescriptions? how much is Avastin ?I heard around $3000 a month ? is this true? we raised some money but not alot of money....she is starting FOLFOX in a week in a half the folfiri didnt work for her. I really want to raise money towards the avastin, how many cycles do you need for avastin? what happens if you can only afford a couple? my mom is going to get disability this month, but wow the little bit of money they give her , she cant live off of that or pay for the drug, FUNDRAISING if anyone have any advice....

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