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PSA reading like a yoyo ?

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I posted some weeks ago about my PSA results showing quite a jump from last year.

I had radiation over 12 years ago and it seemed to do the trick. Then 3 months ago the Dr. said that the cancer was probably back because of the new PSA results. Course that almost caused another heart attack when I heard those words.

The Dr. (Urologist) said we would wait 3 months and then take another blood test. The results came back and the PSA was back down to where it was last year. Not as low as it should be, but still below '1'.

I felt like I had been given a new life, even tho I began to wonder if maybe they had mixed up the results with someone else.

The Dr. said that everything seemed fine when he did the digital finger test and said that I should not worry about anything. He then said we would wait 6 months and then do another test.

My question or I guess feelings are; isn't 6 months a little long when the count was high just 3 months ago?

I would think that we should stay on top of this thing and not wait quite so long. He told me at the last appointment that there are very few alternatives once you have had the radiation treatment and if the cancer metastasizes.

The Dr. is very young, but I really like him and he has always been right up front with me before. He surgically removed a kidney stone that had turned and got caught sideways in the duct as it was moving down. This caused me to almost pass out from the pain and had to be taken to the ER.

I was thinking about asking for a second opinion, but don't know if I should at this point.

Any suggestions? The Dr. didn't or couldn't give me an answer as to why or how the PSA count could drop back down like it did.

This is my life and I want to do the right thing.

Thanks for any replies.


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I fully understand your feelings. I agree, I would like to be checked in 3 months, not 6 months. I would suggest you tell your Dr. you want to take a 3 month PSA!!! Because you want to know in 3 months (not 6 months) if their are any changes. Take the "bull my the horns". If it makes you feel better, get it in 3 months. I would.
Overall, it sounds like you are still in good shape. Keep us posted on your results.

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Other infections in the body can cause a false high PSA reading. That might explain the problem.

I would personally ask for a 3 month recheck as well.

Best wishes
Ron C

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Thanks for your replies. I have left a message with the Dr. asking for a three month test. Hope to hear back from him shortly. If not, I'll just have to call him again.

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