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Anyone have experience with Cancer Treatment Centers of America?
Their approach of combining naturopath and conventional is appealing to me.
I have a feeling that I'll be going for a 3rd opinion after my appt with onc on wed.
Just trying to decide between conventional, ie Sloan Memorial or MD aANderson vs this place.
I've already tried the conventional with my onc here in VT backed up by a 2nd opinion from Dana Farber. I've also tried the naturopath approach separately. I tried to keep it up when I went back to chemo but my naturopath kept changin supplements on me and that just didn't seem right. Plus some of them just made me feel awful. Yes, it was the supplements not the chemo (though that did a job too) because I would use them on weeks off of chemo and feel so sick, but if I stopped them I'd feel ok.Mary
PS Do you know how hard it is to find cutting edge treatment for mets to lungs on the internet? All the cutting edge stuff seems to be for liver mets.
Hope you all are doing well. YOu are always in my prayers.

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I've never been too one but the commericals look like it would be a good place to go. My cancer spread to uterus and ovaries then it came back in my stomach so I really haven't looked on the internet for lung mets. If you check on the CTCA let me know what you think.

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Hi Mary,
I don't have any experience with CTCA but I belong to an Integrated Cancer Care community here in Vancouver, InspireHealth. They seem to have a similar philosophy of taking the best of both conventional and complementary treatments. I posted a short piece in my "journal" a couple of weeks ago. You may be interested.
As far as lung mets go, have you found anything on RFA.
I'm sure there will be others here with experience with CTCA. I seem to remember it coming up about a month ago.
TTFN...Rob; in Vancouver

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I too am finding it hard to beleive there is nothing out there for lung mets. My husband has 4 nodules 2 on each lung (find out if they really are mets on Wed when we get his PET results) I have spent hours looking and I can honestly say I have found nothing. Sandy

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