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Amifostine? Ethyol? Anyone know?

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I have my 'researcher' hat on. My sister's rad/onc has listed this as a daily pre-treat to radiation. It is an infusion that is given before rads to protect the dry mouth/sores. Some pretty hefty sides...

The only usage I could find was for head and neck cancer...I'm wondering if this guy is going a bit over on patient comfort...my sister is in the 'I don't want to ask' phase, sigh...

Thanks for your input...

Hugs, Kathi

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I don't know anything about the premeds, but I do know you are the best sister/supporter ever! Ask your sis to give you permission to talk to the doc about the drugs. You will probably feel better about it if you can hear about why he's giving the meds.

Good luck. And tell your sis we all think she is lucky to have you! :)


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Ditto, Kathi. Your sister is lucky to have you. Wish I had you for a sister (I'll even bet you wish you had you for a sister!).

Hoping all goes well for her,

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Thank you, Jana and Betsy...I hope I can offer support without raising the bar too much...

So much has changed, just in the 2+ years since my treatment! Even the positioning for the rads...my sister will be on her back (I was on my tummy), and legs folded up. It makes sense...straight access to the rectum...(although, truth be told, I would have a bit of a modesty problem...too close to position during childbirth...ok, blush...TMI).

She is going to pass on this med...the side effects seem to be more than the patient comfort perks. I alerted to her nerves when she was describing it...she did some limited research, and decided to pass...

Hugs, Kathi

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I am not sure about the premeds you talk about, but if they are for protecting for mouth sores I would reccommend a fluoride prescription that you brush on yourself -such as Prevident 5000 Booster - or flouride trays from your dentist. Also, regular use of all the Biotene products which are for dry mouth. My husband has used these for over 2 1/2 years and with all his chemo, mouth issues have not been a problem at all for him. Good luck.

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