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gemzar is working

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Amazing news from the lab, my ca dropped from 121 to 34 after 3 treatments of gemzar! I had a full tumor load on the last ct scan. The pain went after the first dose and the my blood counts were low so the doc gave me reduced dose for 2nd and 3rd weeks. I knew it was working, but it blew my mind to drop #s that fast. Topotecan also dropped me to lower numbers but then they almost immediately started climbing again. I am praying for a some remission time. Going to get a reduced dose of the dexamethasone steroid next time, as I think the crash from that is worse than the side effects of the chemo. We'll see.
Sending all you courageous women hugs and prayers for strength and peace and many wellness wishes.

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That's great news, Paula. You give us such hope. I am going to have a cell assay done from my surgery, Friday to see if Gemzar is effective on my cells. (and others). Hip Hip Hooray for you!!!

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Congrats, Paula! I couldn't be happier for you! Keep sending those good reports. But, as always, we're here for you no matter what.
Luv & Hugs!

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Paula, what wonderful news, I hope you get a long remission this time also. I took gemzar without any steroids at all. It was one of them that didn't have so many side affects.

Hugs Bonnie

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What great news,Paula!!! I'm so happy the Gemzar is working for you so quickly!!I am off the Gemzar now, still had cycle #6 to go, but I had such severe side effects he stopped it, especially since my number is 14. NOw they are doing alot of other tests to see if it's the gall bladder or what. I'm still so excited for you...I hope the Gemzar puts you in permenent remission....((((hugz)))..Joanne

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That's great new, Paula. I had Gemzar along with Cisplatin at one point and I agree that the steroid thing is awful. But then I tried it without the steroid and had bad nausea but maybe with a reduced dose it will be fine. Keep up the good vibes!

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Hi! Paula! This is Paula. I have a cousin that has been on Gemzar for over two years and doing good. Her blood counts are doing okay and the DR is afraid of taking her off of it. I hope that it works as good for you as it has for her. Best of Luck, Paula

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You all are wonderfully encouraging and I thank you for the notes and support you lend, even in the face of all that you are going through.
My prayers for wellness for you all.

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Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition! Some things in the doctors' arsenals do actually work, and I'm very glad to hear that your counts are so low now. Keep it up!

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