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Dating With Cancer

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I want to know if anyone else fighting cancer has tried to get back into the "dating scene" after treatment. I have recurring Ovarian Cancer and I try to be honest about it with men I meet. However, it scares them away. I know this may seem like a ridiculous problem compared to our battles however, I want to live my life to the fullest. Just because I have cancer does not mean I don't want to continue living...settle down and marry.

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I know other single woman looking for the same thing and dealing with recurrent ovarian cancer. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to find the energy to date. A friend of mine who has some other medical problems found her hubby through an online dating service. Just a thought, but like most people looking for a life partner, you'll probably have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. Hugs N Prayers Bonnie

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I think you'd find interesting men who have had their own cancer experience if you'd participate in "survivor" activities - I know I have, and I'm married, not looking!

I met a man who was sitting at a picnic table at a gathering, and we found we had a lot in common, and it occured to me he was just the type of guy I was hoping to meet before I met my husband. I didn't marry until I was 46, and truly do think there is someone for everyone out there. I think you might do well to find a guy who has had a common experience, and I'm just sure there are single guys who would think the same.

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I agree 100% with groundeffect...I have never thought about dating a man with cancer..what a great thought!!! I also do believe, there is someone special for everyone out there. Good luck, let me know how it goes...(((hugz)))..Joanne

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I agree with the others. The only guys who will truly understand are those going through ther own struggles or those who have watched a loved one struggle. I bet if you went to the Relay for Life in your town, you'd meet a lot of interesting guys. The ones who run the other way are not worth your time, let them go. The right guy is out there looking for someone just like you. And he will be a survivor too. May God cause the right man to come into your life at the right time. In the meantime just enjoy getting to know all sorts of folks. I wish you well. Cindy

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What other "survivor" activities are there besides running? I am not athletic and could not run more than two blocks before becoming red faced and gasping for air. I am 45 and have had thyroid cancer and renal cancer plus I still have a bone marrow disorder called meylofibrosis which is affecting my kidneys, liver and spleen. Too bad CSN doesn't have a singles chat room or a personals section of the website for those of us who are not married. I had a difficult time meeting women BEFORE cancer because I am not as outgoing as most guys, now with a big ugly scar on my neck it's even harder to meet single women.

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