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Improved Eyesight

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My optometrist says that I am much less near-sighted than I was 4 years ago and possibly attributes it to chemo (Folfox 2 years ago) and that the changes were 3 times as much as normally seen in someone my age (69). Maybe there is a small silver lining to chemo;-)

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Glad to hear it Sam.

It kept the mosquitoes away from me for 2.5 years. Now if I can just remember my name, I'd consider chemo a success. :)

....uhhhh....pool girl?....speedo something....it's all a big foggy mess to me.

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Yup, mosquitoes shunned me for a long time, too. On my Alaskan trip, I knew the effects were fading...one of those 'Alaskan state birds' got under my shirt...5-10 bites before IT bit the dust...lol....

Another perk: My leg hair is much thinner...saves on razors...rofl!

Hugs, Kathi

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Interesting. My sight has gotten worse since chemo m-m-m. I now have to wear my glasses all the time, when before I just wore reading glasses.
Jo Ann

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Hi -

Jo Ann - I am in your group. I am now 57 but my nearsightedness has worsened. Not the way it is supposed to work. My optometrist says that "stress" is the major cause of this at my age (he doesn't actually know about my cancer or the several other things that happened the year of diagnosis). Do I feel stressed? In spite of cancer, not mostly. But, objectively, is there stress in my life? Oh Yeah! I haven't been on chemo for 19 months but my vision continues to get a bit worse each time (and it has never been good). In September I want to discuss the possibility of distance contac lenses with progressive glasses over them. (For 35 years I was a successful contact lens warer - had many fancy lenses, but could not tolerate bifocal lenses). So, I am going to ask about a combination - my optometrist is one of the best there is - I plan to tax his abilities and give his credentials a run for their money!


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in my humble opinion, I think you should share the cancer diagnosis with your eye doctor. My eyes have gotten really bad after a year now on chemo. I have a macular degeneration in one eye that causes me to not be able to focus for reading so I have a blacked out lens. The eye Dr. doesn't think it is the chemo, but he isn't sure. I have had 20-20 for 60 of my 63 years...I have also had an enormous amount of stress in my life...my instincts say it is the chemo.

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My eyesight has gotten worse since I've had cancer and been on chemo. My optometrist believes that chemo is the reason. I've never heard of chemo improving eyesight, but that's a great side effect!

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