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New to CSN and really need to connect

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Please, anyone out there that has been dealing with or has dealt with Thyroid Cancer please write me. I am new to this site and want to connect in some way to someone to talk with.

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pupleglitter - There was a group of thyroid cancer survivors that met every Monday evening in Room 2 of the 2 available chat rooms here. I am not sure if they are continuing that practice, but I can suggest that you might visit the chat rooms anyway, at any time.

There is usually someone there, usually several people, and while the cancers might be different, all share common experiences and a bond that makes it somehow easier to communicate.

Check it out! If it doesn't do the trick for you, at the very least you are likely to get pointers to other sites that will.

Take care and good luck with your search!

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During the course of my own treatment for testicular cancer during the 1980s, I met a few thyroid cancer patients who had been successfully treated with no obvious deliterious lasting effects. I bet a lot more advances have been made in the past 20 years to improve on what current patients are experiencing.

Love and Courage!


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Hello purpleglitter, and welcome to csn.
I am a breast cancer survivor myself but I just wanted to reinforce what soccerfreaks posted. You won't find a nicer, more understanding bunch of folks anywhere than in our chat rooms, reagardless of what cancer we are dealing with or whether we are caregivers to others with cancer.
Look forward to meeting you there!
God bless.

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I was dx with thyroid cx in may 7.
Please feel free to email me.

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