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ovarian/peritineal cancer

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I've posted before but haven't gotten anything. I have peritneal cancer and my CA 125 numbers went from 9 to 25 in three months. Should I be worried? I've been off chemo for 7 months now.

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Although your numbers are still within normal, I would ask about checking them again in a couple of weeks. I think that is what my onc. would advise. But try not to worry. Sometimes they can fluctuate like that just from a cold or sinus infection or anything. It doesn't necessarily mean anything but I'd still check to be sure. Good luck and keep us posted. My prayers are with you.

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Hello Wild007, I agree with shortstuff I'd ask to have it checked again in a month. Hopefully it is nothing but if they have remained steady for 6 months and then all of sudden went from 9 to 25 I'd want it checked out.


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Hello, I agree with what both Bonnie and Shortstuff have said. It seems like you should be getting a cat scan in a few months, at least by a year from last receiving chemo, especially if your number goes up any more. My ovca is also peritineal. What stage was yours? Did you have the debulking surgery? Take care, MM aka Keelie

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I'm stage 4. My onc said everyone is 3 or 4. Is this true for peritineal cancer? She keeps telling me not to worry, but of course I do when I know there is no stage 5!!! I had the surgery and the chemo in the stomach. It was pretty rough. I'm feeling really well right now and I'm very hopeful, but its always there. She didn't want another CA 125 for three months.

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Everyone has a "normal" range that varies -mine is under 11...but has been as low as 2! Then, in contrast, my friend has a normal of 23 and her doc said no worries it when rose to 31, a year after chemo ended.
I agree with the girls, another ca125 to be sure it isn't fast moving and a ct scan.
Many prayers and good thoughts sending your way. Try not to worry ..do the opposite and imagine yourself well, no cancer growth, all new bright and shiny tissue there. Good luck wild007!

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Hello Wild!! MY onc did a ct scan when my number went up yoours, it showed no disease. So he waited another 3 months, my number was above the normal at 57.9, still not showing on the CT scan. He did start monthly ca-125 once my numbers were out of the normal range. Three months later it showed it's ugly head and my ca-125 was 82.6, I started tx. of Gemzar. It is so difficult to live life when you have this disease..especially with the numbers going up..but try, every day that you spend off of chemo, the healthier your body gets and your strenght increases..you will be much more ready for the fight!! Good luck and (((hugz))),,Joanne

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