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Power Port

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Hi all. Hope everyone is having a good day. That's what we must wish for a day at a time. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has had what is called a power port. I just had one put in on Friday. It is a port that can be used not only for chemo but also for injectable dye during CT scans. It is bigger than some of the smaller ones and I'm worried that I made a mistake in selecting that larger one. My surgeon said that if I was his mother, he would recommend it because then I don't have to get stuck for CT scans so I agreed to it. It just seems rather big but then there is still swelling from inserting it. So maybe it will be fine once it heals up. Anyway, I just thought this is a good place to ask your opinions and see if anyone else has had this particular port. Also, how soon after getting one put in can I get the chemo? I know, ask my Dr. I wish you all happy days ahead and God bless you all. You are all in my prayers.

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Hi shortstuff,
I don't know which kind of port I have, it was installed 2 years ago. They use my port for just about everything, if the staff is qualified to access the port.I have had anestisia (sp) through it and alot of blood work as well. Mine really sticks out as I have no meat up in the upper chest area, the nurses love it, because they never miss on the first stick!!! LOL. As for your question I believe I was having chemo through my port 3 days later. Hope that helps somewhat..have a happy 4th...(((hugz)))..Joanne

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Thanks, Joanne for the info. You probably have the same port as me because they told me that with smaller ports, they could not use the injectable dye used in CT scans because it could rupture the port or something like that. Oh well, as long as it works, I guess I don't care if it sticks up a little. Have a good 4th also.

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I had chemo in mine 4-5 days after it was implanted. I never heard the word "power port" but I have only used mine for chemo but will have surgery Friday and my surgeon said they will use this for the IV's during the surgery so I won't have to be stuck. It is not used for CT scan or blood draws so far. Mine was swollen about a week but I have had no problems and am glad i got it.

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Hi Polly, I can't use mine for Scan dye and I don't think they had one that would when I got mine, wish they had though. I think I was swollen for about a week after surgery and then still sore for bit longer. It was worth it though. Hugs N Prayers Bonnie

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Thanks Saundra and Bonnie. I'm sure I'll be glad I did it. It just looks so big right now, but I know a lot of it is swelling. Hugs and prayers to you all.

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I have a rather large one too but it doesn't matter too much any more. The most important thing to me now is the ease of getting treatments, both for me and the nurses. I can't imagine how much longer my hands would have taken it. Isn't that smart of your doc to suggest the extra for the ct dye, as that isn't a very comfortable procedure either. The soreness goes but I still have trouble with bras and watch out how you hug:)

Good Luck with all this..I know you will dig having it in the long run. God Bless.


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