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your first post

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Joined: Jul 2004

Hello semi's,
I was looking back at old posts and found my first post back on 7/23/2004. Here are the names of the first members to respond to my post,Stacy Gleason,Judiths,Steved,Jana11.these were the first
family members to touch my life here on this wonderful site. Do you guys remember your first post and the family members who responded to you.
Be well
Never,ever give up!!!!

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It was 4/2006...sigh...instructions to someone on how to use the site...sigh...once a computer nerd, always a computer nerd....lol, rofl....

(I wonder if they realize I didn't know what those meant before coming here...)

Hugs Kathi

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You made me curious enough to go back and try to find the first thread that I started. I'm not sure I found the first one (Ambien cut short my search), but I found a very old one from July 21, 2005. That night I was in the hospital, getting a 48-hour 5FU infusion, and wrote:

Every two weeks I have to spend three days admitted to Northside Hospital here in Alanta to get my chemo infusions. Although I have experienced few side effects so far (I'm on my third infusion), I am already starting to very much dislike these little chemotherapy vacations every two weeks. Since I figured out a way to bring a laptop and access the internet from my hospital room, the experience is much better than it would be. I am in the hospital right now getting an infusion.

Coming to this Discussion Group and reading everyone's messages is probably my greatest comfort while in the hospital. It's amazing that I can feel part of this group of strangers, bound by a common struggle against this disease. The support that I have witnessed from all parts of the world given to others is amazing, and I have even received such support. The people that post messages here are all amazing to me, the concern that is shared and the long distance friendships that are born. It's all amazing, and helps me to better endure the whole chemotherapy experience each of the three days that I am chained to this hospital room. I especially like when I am able to answer someone else's concerns. So, my only purpose is to thank you all for being so nice and such seemingly inherently good people. I'm relatively new here, only diagnosed in May of this year, but I am deeply impressed by the family atmosphere of this discussion group.


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Hi Bruce,
You just cost me an hour,finally made it back to post 627 12/12/2001 and a reply to 2bhealed and we are still both here,via different roads but still here. Good on ya Em. Cheers all Ron.

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Ah yes....my first time....I think it was in a Chevy, his name was...OH WAIT, first post? THAT IS SOMETHING DIFFERENT! lol

I actually began posting after I went through surgery and my ileostomy reversal. I felt the need to find SOME way to give others hope, and I have no idea how I even found this web site! lol It was March, 2004. I was saddened to see that one message I responded to included three other responses from folks, and they are no longer with us. :-(

Have a terrific week everyone!!

Counting my blessings every single day,


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Posts: 1249
Joined: Mar 2003

~~CORRECTION~~ March 2003....man, where does the time go?!?!?

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Joined: May 2004

Such a nice post Bruce.. really got me deep inside to see that a simple response meant so much to you.

I started looking for my first post.. I don't even know what year! I didn't find this site right away, but was sooo grateful to find it. As Rodney so eloquently said, the link that binds us is deep and meaningful.

The CP's are incredible because it allows us to actually meet, and hug. The only sad thing about this site is that cyber hugs just aren't the same.

To everyone: keep up the hope, and gratitute - toward others and for everything!!

Stay strong! jana

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Joined: Apr 2004

Got my curiosity up...my first post was April 9, 2004....Emily was my first responder too, then Kanort, Kanga, Mike 42, KrisS, Spongebob, and Stacy. Ironically, I have been fortunate enough to meet all but 2 of them at the CPs. Jana is right about the hugging!!!!

Lisa P.

I remember how nervous I was typing that first message but the folks here made it go away very quickly.

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Taking a walk down memory lane - my first post was Jan. 22, 2004! I believe I had been lurking prior to that. I do remember the first post was the hardest, but the welcome from SpongeBob, Emily, Nanuk, Stacy PattiB, and Andrea made me realize I was at the right place.

Thanks for giving us a reason to relfect on where we've been and where we are now. As Stacy said, it is with heavy heart that I noticed some who greeted me back then are no longer with us. They will never been forgotten.


Posts: 544
Joined: Jun 2004

Hi Bruce,
I have no idea when I first posted, but am really curious. Is there some trick to finding out or do I have to go back through all the posts?

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Joined: Mar 2007

I found my first post back in March. It seems like it was longer ago than that. I remember being a little hesitant to post at first. I received responses from 16 members. I remember how good it made me feel that people cared enough to reply to my post.

Now this continues to be a great source of information and support. I appreciate all of you!

Have a great Fourth of July!


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Hey everyone...

Bruce! Very fun post. Thanks!

I looked back at my first post from almost a year ago - what a difference a year makes! Interestingly enough, the first to respond to my first post was SpongeBob. Needless to say he made a lasting impression! I remember telling my mom I had met a great man here - I then remember her mumbling something about me getting a psychiatric evaluation after chemo-something about confusion over Internet dating and cancer support. How nice it worked out...and without the need for lithium!

I also had responses from all the regulars whom I can hardly wait to meet in Nashville. Each and every one of you truly helped me through a year of huge challenges and wonderful celebrations...."what a long, strange trip it's been..."

Posts: 544
Joined: Jun 2004

It took me a while, but I found it, June 8, 2004. I had finished chemoradiation and was waiting for surgery.
Thanks Bruce! This was a great diversion for me. I'm supposed to be cleaning up clutter in my apartment, but this was a lot more interesting!

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