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22, Army, Cervical Caner

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I thank God every single day that the Army finally cracked down and decided that every female soldier will have a mandatory pap smear.

I have had my annual pap smear from the military and come to find out I had moderate to severe dysplasia. Next thing I know it was cancer.

FEMALES! Get your Paps !!!!!!!

Has anyone else had issues so far?

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Keep copies of medical record name of doctors who have treated you. Good luck

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I am a military spouse and I was just diagnosed with severe dysplasia. Before I was pregnant I had an abnormal PAP. Three months went by and I went into the doctor and they said "your Pap was abnormal". At this point they would have to wat until I had the baby. Well they couldn't get my colpolscopy until 4 months after...and I have severe dysplasia. Should I be angy with hospital? What do you think is to happen? Thanks

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please take a look at this:



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Was this a HPV related cervical cancer?

This is may be transferable to your male partners. This type of canser is an increasing risk to men in the form of HPV+OPSCC and is one of the fastest growing forms of cancer to men.

Please vaccinate both boys and girls for HPV (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gardasil) to slow this.


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