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Happy Canada Day!

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I want to wish all fellow Canadians a Happy Canada Day tomorrow! Where is everyone from? I live in the Nation's Capital where it will be wild with celebration tomorrow! Hope you all have a great day....also to our friends "South of our border"!

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Hi Lynn: I'm from the "original" capital of Upper Canada. Kingston. Happy Canada day eh!

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Lisa Rose
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Happy Canada Day to you ladies also.

I live in Riverview ( Moncton ) New Brunswick and today we will celebrate Canada's 140 Birthday at our annual street party.


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Ah yes, today is Canada Day!!!

I remember when Lisa Rose and Andy lived in 'the states' so many years ago. We knew that they secretly longed to be Canadians when they would discreetly call off work annually on July 1st. None of us suspected anything until we saw the tree decorated in their living room window. The warm glow of all those tiny lights made us realize that they were destined to become one with those "North of the Border."

What further tipped us off is that their brilliant son, Andrew, could never name the US presidents, but could rattle off with ease that Canada Day marks the creation of the Dominion of Canada through the British North America Act on July 1, 1867, uniting three British Colonies, the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Canada. The three colonies united to form one country divided into four provinces.

Finally, what made our neighborhood as well as Kerry's (when Lisa Rose and Andy lived in Texas) know that they were meant to be Canadians is when they were unable to recite ANY part of the "Star-Spangled Banner" but knew OH SO EASILY every single word to "Oh Canada"!

Hats off to Canadians everywhere on this great day of independence....even to those who took the entry test and became Canadians (Lisa Rose & Andy) ~~~wink!

Hugs, eh


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LMAO! "Remember the Alamo"!!

Happy Canada Day to ya'll!


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Lisa Rose
Posts: 597
Joined: Mar 2003


Take Off Eh. . . lmao

How much coffee did you have this morning and what did you put in it ? ? ? So I see your studying Canadian History now I understand your also studying Russian History, or maybe thats just to learn how to make White Russians for Nashville. Anyway Andy and I will be thinking of you on Happy 4th and all our family and friends back in the good old USA.

Lisa & Andy

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Yep... Google, Ask.com, and Wikipedia can make ANYone sound smart (I should know!)


Happy Canada Day, eh!

Lisa & Andy - I hope to catch up with you guys in October!

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Happy Canada Day!!

Lynn, Joyce, and Baby Lisa!!! I hope you have a great celebration and enjoy your day.

Stacy, I needed a laugh. The full moon just about got the best of me yesterday. Thanks for the smile.

Hugs to all,


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Happy Canada Day!! From Vancouver
The sun is shining, the flag is flying and we're off to a sockeye salmon BBQ.
Yesterday we celebrated my eldest daughter's wedding so we're celebrating double!! Family and friends are here from Georgia, Cape Cod, Florida, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and all over British Columbia. We're having a ball!! I'm enjoying an extra week of chemo holidays!! Feels Great!!
Have a great weekend Eh!! Isn't summer grand!
Rob; in Vancouver...
"Geography has made us neighbors. History has made us friends. Economics has made us partners. And necessity has made us allies. Those whom nature hath so joined together, let no man put asunder. What unites us is far greater than what divides us." John F. Kennedy

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Ain't no way Lisa Rose and Andy have ever lived in Texas, not with their accents!

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends, have a great day!!!!

Lisa P.

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