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Once a semi-colon, always a semi-colon!

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I just got back to visiting these pages at CSN and it was great to see names I reconized from posting before. Names like Scouty, Sponge-Bob(yeah I know your're out there giving us Freedom),2behealed,I remember, so Holla!
As far as my colon Ca, I am still being checked every 6 months, and I am still in remission. I was stage IV, two surgeries, (2 )six months rounds of chemo, ya know the routine, but feel very good! Still have the lingering tiredness, and leg cramping. Oh well.
So I am glad I signed back up to check things out. Felt like going home, just wanted to let you know~~~ Sincerely, Amy, aka slammer, now Famous Amos

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Hi Amy,

It's good to hear from you and that you are doing so well. Please stay in touch. Your story will be inspirational to others.



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How ya doin' gal!? Whazzup? I didn't recognize your new handle. Why the change? Have you developed an uncontrollable passion for cookies in your absence?

So glad to hear you're doing well. Keep in touch, yeah?


- Sponge

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Posts: 35
Joined: Jun 2007

Hello there secret agent man! Yeah my family always called me Amos And I have the nickname Famous Amos, plus I had trouble signing in w my old handle~hmmm--But thanks for the reply & greetings! Hope you are well & safe. Aren't you retired yet? Just kidding.
I am looking forward to CSN discussions again & insight to what we all can do to help each other or advice, you know. So take care & again nice to hear from ya'll!! Sincerely, Amy
ps. Yes any cookies are my favorite snack!

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It's great to hear from you but you CANNOT stay away so long this time, it makes some of us worry about you.

FYI, I think you were considering coming to the Colon Palooza in Vegas, so you should consider coming to our next one in Nashville. Check out Stacy's most recent post about a party if you are. Trust me, you will not regret it.

Again, it's great to hear from you and thanks so much for checking in.

Lisa P.

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Joined: Jun 2007

Wow, What a good memory you have. Yes I had thought I could go to the CP in Vegas and my sis had moved there back then But didn't make it, but I have looked at the photos of them. Thanks for the greetings! I will check into the next one for sure. Nashville? Anyways nice to have you reply~~Cool!! Amy

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