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one good thing about colorectal cancer

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Well I've found at least one good thing about my cancer. It got me out of jury duty. I'm 49 and had never been called for jury duty. I missed 6 months of work because the treatments made me too sick to work. The week I go back to work I get a summons for jury duty. What are the odds for that one? This week I got the official notification that I am excused. I was a little worried about it since it is really difficult to get excused here. At least I have this silver lining.

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You are right - UNLESS you get stuck on a capital murder jury panel in Texas when you are 6 months pregnant and smoking is allowed in the courthouse!

That was my most memorable jury duty experience (in 1981, but I still vividly remember it!) - I sat (all 6 months preg of me) on a hard bench in a dimly lit hallway where people smoked for almost 3 days waiting for my turn to be individually interviewed. My "interview" took well over an hour and was more like an interrogation than an interview. In the end, I wasn't accepted. But the cookie topper was that the evening of the day I was (finally) dismissed, the judge in the case went on Houston public TV to discuss the issue of capital punishment. At one point in the show, he said something like "For example, I have a case in my courtroom where I am seeking the death penalty......" Hello! He's the judge not the prosecutor. So the judge was removed from the case, the 4 previously selected jurors were excused and my 3 tortuous days were for naught.

OK - this has nothing to do with colorectal cancer, but my Texas jury experience was not the best!

Take care all,

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Yup, happened to me, too...

I actually went to court, explained that I was on chemo...afraid I would throw up on the judge....she stamped me 'excused'...bald head/weight loss really helped deliver the point...

Hugs, Kathi

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The one time I was on a jury, I found it very educational. The hard part was the drive to downtown Houston.
Jo Ann

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