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Hi friends,

I'm at work and I'm craving Cheetos...you know the puffy kind....Is it Ok when you have colon cancer to eat Cheetos or is it a big no no???

Let me know and if OK I'll run to the store!!!



Stage IV, 11 mos old baby, 36 yrs old and 3rd chemo next week

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Hello Christele,

Your post gave me a good laugh. While some may point out the evils of a good bag of Cheetos, and even though I do support good nutrition, especially during chemo, I believe whole-heartedly that experiencing joy is very important. If a small bag of puffy Cheetos will make you joyful, go for it. They may give you the galloping trots later, but if they do just remember how great they were going down.

And think about this when deciding on the big bag or the little bag -
"Never go to excess, but let moderation be your guide." Cicero

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I say eat the CHEETOS and enjoy every bite!!!!

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I have to agree with you about the Doritos cravings. My kids even refer to them as "mom chips"!

Although I am pretty sure I don't know the full definition of "moderation"! lol

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I craved a lot different things during chemo. I craved everything from ice cream, maccaroni and cheese, to spaghettios (yuck!! I don't know how to spell). I decided to let myself eat whatever sounded good during chemo (in moderation, I didn't do to well with the ice cream though). I figured I could get back on a health diet after I finished. Hmmmmmm......I guess it's time to for me to start.
I say enjoy the Cheetos!!!!


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run, run, run

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Well I went to the store and not only got Cheetos but I also stopped by Ben and Jerry's and got a cookie dough ice cream....

It was great!!

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I've been living on macaroni and cheese for ages. My husband is getting tired of it. Night before last I had my macaroni and cheese and he had peanut butter.

If Cheetos are really bad for you, then I'm a goner. I haven't had cravings like this since I was pregnant a gazillion years ago.

I hope it ends when chemo does.

(I also crave strawberries, and although they're good for you, I was told to stay off them until after chemo because they are hard to clean. I lived through them, too.)

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Betch Ya Cant Just Eat one....LOL

Enjoy the whole bag, you deserve it.


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I lived on Cheetos, glazed donuts, mac-n-cheese, and spaghetti O's while on Folfox. Nothing else tasted good. You have to eat what tastes good. Best of luck. Credit to you for working and having an 11 month old baby. I didn't work and it was only me and my hubby.. How do you do it???


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Pat yourself on the back for all you are going through and eat a small bag of Cheetos. Have as much fun as possible.
I tried to keep eating while I was on chemo, and once I got past the first 2 bites, there was no problem getting down the rest.
Now that I've gotten the chemo out of my system, everything tastes so good that I have to be careful not to eat the big bag of Cheetos. It would be very easy to gain too much weight at this juncture.
Jo Ann

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you crack me up Christele,
I try to eat healthy, try to juice and try to stay away from sugar. I can give up the ice cream and cake and even the candy bar but when it comes to cheetos or plain salty chips- I have no control. I only buy the little bags so i don't feel so bad when i eat the whole bag. The best part is licking your orange fingers when your done. enjoy

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Old Dutch BBQ Potatoe Chips here Chistele. With a chocolate milk chaser... mmmmm... There's and emergency bag in the cupboard. Reading your post and replies is giving me the munchies!!
I hope you enjoyed your Cheetos.

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Here comes the wet blanket on the junk food fest....sorry to rain on your collective parades but.....

What is more important, your 11 month old baby or eating a bag of cancer-feeding garbage? What's more important, a lifetime watching your baby grow up or a couple minutes worth of indulgance?

Folks, we're talking a life threatening disease here and sugar and processed foods only FEED those blasted cancer cells. Cancer cells have more sugar receptors on them so anytime you eat that Ben and Jerry's or those doritos or Cheetos you are basically telling you cancer HAVE AT IT!

When you are cancer free then why not give yourself a treat, but it saddens me to no end when I read about many of the recurrences that are experienced on these boards. And then I read a thread like this.......and it saddens me even more.

I struggled to keep quiet, but I just couldn't. You wouldn't expect any less of me now would you! haha

I say this all out of love.

peace, emily who loves her potato chips too but not during cancer!

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Being french I'm not a junk food eater. I did not grow up on snacking all day like most americans. I do like Cheetos though but the key word here is moderation, just like with anything.
You make it sound like that's all I eat without knowing me, no offense but I don't think that's right.


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I have to agree with you Christele. The following is spoken with the kindest tone: Sometimes, when expressing opinions, folks need to take a step back and see how others are interpretting their message. Coming across like an alarmist is not the way to convey information. Emily, I know you have only the best intentions regarding nutrition, health and the prevention of cancer. But ripping everyone a "new one" for a cheeto every now and then, and making them feel that a fall off the nutrition wagon will drag then back into the cancer world is a little extreme. I am not trying to be the bad guy here, but I personally refuse to concentrate SO hard on EXISTING that I end up not LIVING and taking joy in an occasional "naughty food."

Emily, the majority here are used to and familiar with your nutrition lessons, but others may take the wording a little mean. We all know you mean well, really, we do.



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Ca Va Christele?

I have to disagree that I made it sound like that's all you eat. Au contraire. You asked if Cheetos were a "no-no" for colon cancer. I answered in the affirmative with a why it is a no-no. You didn't stop at the Cheetos but went for the Ben and Jerry's too. I asked if the minute of enjoyment was worth it (not daily/hourly as if it's all you eat). I implied nothing of the sort.

Theoretically, let's say that you smoke all day like most french, that you had lung cancer and you asked if it would be ok to run out and get your pack of smokes cuz you were craving them. Do you think we would all support that? No. I surely hope not. 80% of Colon cancer is dietary related. So when you ask permission to succumb to those cravings for something that is not good for you during colon cancer, I cannot, with good conscience, support it. You had plenty of folks who did. But I could not easily stand by and watch if you lit up. Even if it was just a couple of ciggies "in moderation". I would hope most would agree. I see no difference for colon cancer and diet.

peace, emily

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My 2 cent's worth?

I sin occasionally. I enjoy every minute. Key is occasionally. Mental health is VERY important during the fighting of the beast, right along with the physical. I dropped 35 pounds right off the bat...struggled to gain it back between treatments...anything sounded good, I would eat. Again. Moderation. Ask any 'successful' weight loss person...they will say the same thing...

I DO, however, eat the best I ever have, now that I am done with all....becoming lactose intollerant from the treatment helps...milk is in EVERYTHING..lol...so, I must consider the impact of each thing that I eat...I can still have MAJOR potty sessions!!!

Hugs, Kathi

"Some see the glass half empty, some see it half full, as an engineer's daughter, I see it as a design flaw...the glass is too big..."

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I'm glad you enjoyed the cheetos Christele. God Bless you and that baby. I've reworded this five times , lol, I'll leave it at that!

Ok well maybe not. Some people mean well and strongly believe what has worked for them will "work" for everyone. The intention is good , and this is an open forum. I admire those who are strong in their beliefs and share them, but having said that, MY belief is that a bag of cheetos is not a junk fest and there are many people who "juice" , don't smoke, don't drink, etc. and get cancer or heart disease or some other awful thing. If we had all the answers, there would be none of these diseases. And, although I know the intention was meant well, I really don't like the statement about what's more important. Ultimately it's in God's hands. There are limits. God Bless. Diane

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the junk food fest was in reponse to everyone's responding to their favorite "naughty" foods--which I added--mine are potato chips. It was not directed solely at the bag of cheetos.

I do not nor ever have thought that what worked for me will work for everyone. That would be rather naive since we are all different chemistries and spirits.

My questions about what is more important was drawn from my own experience of having been dx'ed when the last of my 5 children was only 20 months old and every decision I made, I took them into account. For ME, my children were ultimately more important than that bag of potato chips I would have wanted during my 6 months of "treatments". I asked her the same questions I asked myself.

I cannot apologize for the passion I have for health and for all of us to heal from cancer. I have watched what can happen and it makes me a zealot! :-) So be it.

peace, emily who likes hers with ridges

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Hello Everyone,

For those of you who don't know me, I work with Jose, the CSN guy, who is on vacation for a couple of weeks.

I just wanted to give you a resource to help sort out some of the nutritional information. The American Cancer Society provide nutritional information both at cancer.org and through the National Cancer Information Center (1-800-227-2345) 24 hours a day. The link below will take you specifically to information on sugar and cancer and other helpful nutritional topics.


Take care!


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I really had no idea when I launched the "cheetos" subject that we would get into such an animated debate!!! I'll have to be careful next time I ask a question!! I have to admit It was very informative.

I will keep my Cheetos cravings under control...Please let me know if you find some organic Cheetos anywhere!

Tomorrow (and until Thursday) is chemo day so I won't have the taste for food for a few days....neither Cheetos nor anything healthy.


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