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anyone taken xeloda on coumadin?

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Just got home from er with my husband. He has a small blood clot in leg , has to do injections for 5 days and then coumadin. Just to recap, stage IV w/liver mets and on xeloda oral , avastin, and oxal. I'm reading about xeloda and mixing it with the coumadin and it's pretty scary. Anyone had this problem. We are calling oncologist tomorrow . They sent him for the ultrasound and follow up will be there. Just want to know if anyone has had this happen? Thanks for your prayers.

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I had a pulmonary embolism after 3 months of chemo. I was stage 4 at the time and already had colon surgery. I was supposed to get liver surgery but this clot showed up on my CT scan so the put me in the hospital for 3 days.I was on eributix, xeloda and oxylaplatin. I was put on lovenox and then coumadin. My onc. sayed that coumadin interfers with chemo so I needed to stay with lovenox shots. Believe it or not, I had 6 months of lovenox, a successful liver surgery and 3 more months of chemo. I had 2 shots a day and now I am off chemo and the lovenox and on coumadin. My Drs said that they wanted at last 1 year on blood thinners. I just had a clean CT scan so I will see my onc again in Oct for another CT and blood work.

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Thanks for letting me know. I shared that info with onc this am. I wish you the best in October. God Bless.

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Dear Hopefulone,

I also had blood clots and my oncologist from MD Anderson would not let me take Coumadin and chemo together. I am now on Xeloda and Lovenox which is the injection (twice a day). The lovenox is indefinite, at least as long as I take the chemo. But here's the good news, research at MD Anderson has shown that Lovenox has some cancer fighting properties and may in fact help in fighting those cancer cells. So that helps me give my shots much more easily. Talk to your oncologist.


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Kerry, that's exactly what the onc put him on now. I am really angry at the hospital. They gave him coumadin last nite, and they were apparantly instructed not to and also gave him almost twice the amount of lovenox injection that he should have had. I plan on filing a complaint with the hospital. The oncologist office called them this am and they were not happy. He will be taking lovenox injections twice daily for approx 6 mos as of right now. They may pull him off the avasting, but right now keeping the xeloda and oxal . It's undecided about the avastin now. His next ct is in a week and we plan on having the results reviewed by another doctor for rfa, or theraspheres. I'm not sure now what effect the lovenox will have on that, but feel we have to try. Thanks for sharing the info from md anderson. God Bless.

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I have a blood clotting disorder and have been on Lovenox for several years. My onc at MDA also told me coumadin is a no no - and that Lovenox is showing to have cancer fighting powers. :)

Good news is that you are smart, read the information, and be proactive.

Good luck. jana

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Thanks Jana. I'm trying to be as persistant as I can. God Bless

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