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Hate to throw it away

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Hello all,
In the few years on this group I've never seen a post like this so I hope I'm not violating any rules. Guess I'll find out. I've changed to a different barrier, and find that I've got 24 boxes of Hollister #8746 skin barriers that I'll probably never use. As you know, these things are not cheap and I know that there must be someone out there that can use them, especially if there are insurance issues. I hate to just dispose of them but at the same time there's no reason to just keep them in the back of a closet forever. If there's anyone that can use them and is willing to pay the UPS charges to ship them I'd be happy to give them away. E-mail me if interested..... Carl

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I had a similiar situation as I was trying to find the one that would work for me. I still had home health visits. The home health provider had charity patients and took all my extras for their needy patients. If you don't find any takers you could try that.

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I gave all my left over supplies, dressings, anti-naussea drugs etc to my home care nurse. She passed them on to a Doctor who is a member of "Doctors wihout borders" - they go to underdeveloped countries and provide free medical care. I felt good knowing that my medical supplies could help someone less fortunate.

Nurse told me that even if the dressings were "unopened" it was illegal for her to use them with another patient here at home.

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I have two suggestions for the supplies. First, we gave all of my husband's extra supplies to the ET nurses at our hospital as they distribute them to patients without insurance coverage. Second, a group called Osto Group offers discounted supplies to people without insurance. Their site is www.ostogroup.org. You would have to ship the products to them but it might be a way to give something back. Hopefully that helps!

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