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Yet another scan

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just wanted to pass on I have to go in for another ct/pet scan. my last one in May was clear for the most part. now i am having trouble walking due to severe pain in my back. they want to start out by ruleing out cancer. trying not to freak out yet again. man this roller coaster just doesn't get easier to ride does it. Anyway i appreciate your thoughts and prayers on Friday morning for my scan and afternoon for the results. I have family coming in for the 4th, I hope it is a celebration.

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Hi Limey,
I'm so sorry that you are in pain. I'm sending positive energy your way for a clear scan. You're right, the roller coaster ride doesn't get easier and the waiting is the worst, but I know you'll get through it! Mo matter what the scans show make the 4th of July a celebration and enjoy your family. I know I'm going to!
Take care and stay positive,

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Hi Limey,

Hold on to the thought that your May scans were clear (for the most part).

Back pain can be caused for any number of many reasons. Have they done an xray or anything else to begin diagnosing the problem? Maybe a chiropractor?

You are in my prayers for a great scan.


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So sorry about the back pain. Sending prayers and best wishes that there is some OTHER explanation for the pain. The clear scan in May is good. Pls let us know results as soon as you can.

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Will be thinking of you and praying for a good outcome. No the roller coaster doesn't get easier, but we need to look for the highs on it. Good luck and God Bless.


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Mark my friend,

I will be right there with you on Friday and know this is NOT cancer related. Your ole chemo/surgery laden bod is just healing and causing you some aches and pains.

Please let us know. I will be waiting and then hope to see some photos of you and your family CELEBRATING the 4th!!!!!

Lisa P.

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sending prayers your way.....Every single bone in my body hurts, especially the joints and my hip...Onco has done various test and they are all negative. We believe is chemo related...so I am learning to live with it..
Believe and God bless

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Hi Limey,
I know the feeling. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow morning.
Peace be with you...

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