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dad 3 year scans next week

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hi everyone. i haven't posted in a good long while but i read these posts every single day and keep everyone here in my thoughs and prayers. to recap my dad's history, he was diagnosed back in july of 2004, 5 positive nodes, surgery and then 6 months of chemo. he has thankfully been clear every since and now his 6 month scans are coming up in a couple of weeks and once again, and like always, i'm literally sick with worry and anxiety. i just saw his oncologist yesterday (i work in a hospital) and he told me not to worry, it's been three years and if it didn't come back by now it shouldn't. i guess that makes me feel a bit better but i know the beast can come back anytime.

anyway please keep him in your prayers these next couple of weeks. i'm just so scared right now.

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Good wishes coming to you and your dad.. try to listen to his onc, but we've all been there and know what your going through.

Make a calander and do something special for yourself and dad every day until the scans. Try to make the wait into something positive.. :)


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Hi Jana,
I am glad to see you back on the forums! Thanks for the update. It's great to see that you are doing well and hanging in there.
Best wishes for your new protocol. I hope you get to enjoy some of those great Houston restaurants while you're there....
Take care,
Susan H.

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Hi Susana,
I would agree with your doctor. If your father has not had any mets pop up in all this time, he will probably be just fine. I know there is never any guarantee, but sounds like he has a very good prognosis.
It makes me feel better that your dads doc said that too. My 3 year checkup comes at the end of October. I know it is a huge milestone. I think it is a horrible thing that cancer survivors have to deal with so much anxiety waiting for tests, but it really does get better with time (maybe??)
Best wishes for a great outcome,

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3 years without cancer is great !!!. My surgeon told me the same thing...
God bless

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My docs told me that after 2 years, the chances of a recurrence drops dramatically. Three years is GOOD. Sending prayers and best wishes for a clean scan and a NED-future for your Dad.

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Hi susana,
good to hear from you.....we all get high anxiety before the scans. I had just finished chemo when your dad was diagnosed; I felt like I held my breath for the first 2 years. And his onc is right; the odds are much more in our favor at and after the 3 year mark.
Try to stay calm and focused; prayers coming your way. Keep us posted. Judy

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Best wishes for an all clear . Keep us posted. Prayers coming your dad's way. I know how anxious this time can be. My husband's next ct is friday. Keep us posted. God Bless

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