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Update Stage 4

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Hello all. It has been a while since I posted but I read everyones. I am 47 yrs old with 2 kids and great wife DX August 06 with colon sugery followed by chemo for 3 months along with a liver resection for 1 met followed by 3 more months of chemo. Along the way I met many wonderful Dr.'s, nurses and people who fight with this and against this disease everyday. I had my CT scan on Thursday at Stanford and am nervoulsy awaiting the verdict about my fate for the next few months. I hope it is clear and I can really celebrate my kids birtdays in July, but if not then back to the warrior mode and away from the waiting mode. Just wanted to say thanks to all who helped me get this far. I know I fell apart at times and did great at other times but I do read everything here and so appreciate all of you and know what you are going through. All my best

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Hi ImpactZone,
Sending positive vibes for a clear CT. Let us know as soon as you do that you are NED!

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Thanks for your reply to my post about finishing chemo. We are at a similar stage. Just this morning, I was talking to my husband about switching from warrior mode to waiting mode. It ain't easy. In some ways, I am more comfortable with warrior mode (pro-active) -- although I sure am happy to have the chemo finished. Waiting for scan results is a specific type of torture! My favorite motto (which I got from this board, years ago) is "Feed the Faith, Fight the Fear". Please do let us know when you get the results. I have two kids too -- they are what keeps me going. Best wishes.

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Hoping you get your results soon and that they are NED!!!!
Keeping you in my thoughts.

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Hi Impactzone,
I'm sending positive energy your way and hope that you have a clear scan. I know the waiting can be the worst!!!
Take care,

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POSITIVE THOUGHTS! The waiting is the worst. Let us know.


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Hi Impact! You just hang in there, bud. You'll get those results in no time and then you'll have to dance with a guy (NED!!!)....

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I will pray that you receive good results about your scan..Let us know, Audrey.

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Our oncologist, whom I respect more than I can say, tells me how important it is to "stay positive" to help my husband heal. So....stay positive. All my positive thoughts are going your way.


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Hope you really enjoy everyday....don't let the beast grab one more moment, breath nor one more thought! Go relax...we have your back in prayer!

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