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Still hasn't gone to doc for results of 6 mo CT scan !

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Hi all,
Just sitting here wondering how you all felt when you finished your chemo and had your follow up scans and blood work. My husband finished chemo 2 weeks ago and had his CT scan last Monday. He has not made an appt. with the onc to get the results. I know he is scared (fear of the unknown is kicking in I think) so I haven't said anything yet but I was wondering, do you think the onc would call right away if something showed up on the CT scan or just wait till my husband makes it into the office? Knowing he is scared is making me scared too! Any ideas on how to broach the subject on the appt. I can't make it cuz he knows his work schedule better than me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Sandy

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I would not expect that any problems would crop up only 2 weeks after finishing chemo. I don't think there is anything for your husband to worry about at this point. I am surprised he did not already have an onc. appointment prior to having the scans done. I usually schedule the whole shebang all at once. It is totally normal to be afraid of test results. However, he has just started! I am over 2 1/2 years "out" and I still get exceedingly nervous about my test results. No use prolonging the inevitable though. May as well get it over and done with, I think. That way he doesn't have to keep wondering and worrying.
After a few good results, it does get easier.
Best wishes,
Susan H.

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Hello, I am in exactly the same place. I am stage 4 and have had 2 surgeries, liver and colon, 6 months of chemo and had my scan at Stanford on Thursday. The Dr is supposed to call (I live 5 hrs away) with the results and I am sitting hre with a family (wife and kids birthdays coming up in 2 weeks (11 and 13) and I am very nervous. I talk with my wife but it is such a divergent path, its almost like waiting for the judge to pronounce either guilty and the death penalty or not guilty and freedom. i know it is not a sentance but it just feels like it to me. I called the Dr on Friday (He's gone) and reminded him about calling Monday. I hope we both have great news. All my best.

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I think we can all identify with what your husband is going through. Of course you know your husband best -- but would you consider raising the issue -- not just making the appointment but raise the issue of fear and perhaps avoidance. These conversations are not easy but, in my experience, better to get out into the open if possible. Of course for some people it is very difficult to have such conversation. Sending prayers and good wishes for a CLEAN CT!

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I am in the same place as your husband. This week I had my first CT scan since finishing treatment. My onc appt was the same day as the scan so he had no results. He did say however that for this first scan he doesn't expect to see anything. It is really more of a baseline to use as a comparison for the future scans. That made me feel a lot more comfortable about it.

When I finished my treatments I wanted so bad to just go back to a normal life and pretend it never happened. It was hard for me to keep that first appt after treatment and get the scan done because it meant it really wasn't over. Thankfully good sense won out and I realized that I was not going to change anything by pretending. I wised up and did get everything done. Now I am waiting for the results. The waiting sucks even when you are expecting good results.

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