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Hi, I'm getting ready to start my first infusion of topotecan on Monday for a first reccurrence of ovarian caner. The literature about side effects don't jive with what the chemo nurse said I should expect. I'll be getting it once a week for three weeks, then a week off. Has anyone else been on this cycle? What did you experience and did you loose your hair? I'm brand new to this site. Are there any special times that are ovarian cancer chat rooms? Any info would be great. Thanks, Toni

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Hi Toni, I just spent the last 6 months on Topotecan and have to say it was the easiest chemo for me, out of all that I've had. Hair thinned but not lost and blood counts lowered to a point that dosage was every 10 days, which is still 3 times a month....so it may depend on your blood counts because it is a bone marrow suppressant. I felt good enough to travel distances and was very thankful for that. Your body may take a little while to adjust to the drugs, but I think this is an easier one for side effects.
Good luck Toni, and welcome to the group-sorry about the circumstances that bring you here, but rejoice in knowing you are not alone in this. There are some incredibly strong, amazing women here. So much courage and optimism and faith, all in one place. Prayers and good thoughts sending your way.

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Thank you paula2 for the info. Maybe I'll see you in a chat room. Do you ever go and if you do when? This is my first recurrence and somehow it's harder to deal with than the original DX. Thanks again. Toni

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I am here only silnce March. Just finished 4 chemo of taxol and carboplatin and awaiting a surgery date. I chat during the week in the afternoons usually and there are a few ov survivors, I also e-mail with some ladies in this discussion group that are new too. I live in TX and will go to Dallas for my surgery. Lots of support on this site and I have really enjoyed it. Welcome and also sorry you have to do chemo again.

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Hi. I had topotecan for a reocurrence but my cycle was different and that's what I didn't like about it. I had it for five days in a row and then off for two weeks. I didn't like the five days in a row part as I did not have a port and had to have a new IV each time. My hair thinned and I remember that it was VERY important to drink as much water as you can. That is a big help. Sorry you have to be here, but like the others said, there are a lot of really nice helpful people here. You are in my prayers also. Good luck.

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Welcome to the board, and sorry that your having a recurrence. I have never been on Topotecan, but I have heard it is easy to tolerate..but we are all different. There is another live chat room out there called teal talk. There are alot of ladies on it from all different groups. Check it out..they have alot of fun on the site, but also they can get serious when there is someone at need and scared. Good luck with the chemo...(((hugz)))..Joanne

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Hi Toni, I have had topotecan also but got it for 5 days on and 2 weeks off. Made me pretty sick but most people say not. It did bring my ca125 down but unfortunately for me it only lasted 6 weeks. I know other woman who have had better results. We are all so different.

Sending lots of prayers and hugs. BonnieRose

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I am so sorry to hear about your recurrence, do you know why they didnt try carbo/taxol again since it is your first recurrence? When mine recurred they did cabo/taxetere then doxil and I have just gone off of that. I will be on topotecan next if I choose that direction. I will be interested in hearing how you do.
I feel the same way about it recurring, it was easier the first time. How long were you in remission?
Well you will be in my prayers.Jan

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