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how do I e-mail people?

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Joined: Jun 2004

Hi Everyone,
I cannot figure out how to e-mail people on this site unless they have e-mailed me first.

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Hi Jamie...
You can hit the envelope icon at the bottom of a note posted in a discussion thread. That's one way.

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Hi Jamie -

Two ways:

1) If you are logged in and see a post from someone, there will be a little icon that looks like an envelope at the bottom. Click on that and it will open up an email.

2) From your start page, if logged in, you may be confused because if you have no mail there is a link that says something like "no new messages". But if you click that, it puts you into mail and you can then click "Send new message" (something close to that anyway) on the left hand side of the page and again you will be able to send mail. There is also a user directory somewhere on the right side so if you can't exactly remember someone's board name, you can browse them alphabetically.

Hope this helps,

Posts: 544
Joined: Jun 2004

Thanks Rob and Betsy! I can't believe that I missed the envelope icon.

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