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surgery scheduled

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Hi Everyone,
To all who posted suggesting coping strategies, thank you.
After a lot of thought and research I have decided to have the surgery which is scheduled for July 6. I have decided not to go on the cruise in August as I know from previous surgery that I won't be ready. Hopefully, I'll get to go another time or on a different cruise.
Right now I feel emotionally drained and really down, but I feel in my heart that I've made the right decision.
Thanks for all your help!

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Hi Jamie,
I'm glad to hear you're decisions are made. But sorry to hear your trip is off. July 6th is not far off. But far enough to enjoy some rest and quality time before the surgery.
I can understand feeling drained and down. The word "de-cision" comes from the same root as "in-cision" and has to do with "cutting away". When we "decide" we choose one option over others that may also have meant a lot us. It's hard work. I wish you every blessing as you move ahead.
"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen." Ralph Waldo Emerson
"A Cancer Journal" www.rob-pollock.blogspot.com

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Hello Jamie,

I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling drained and down, but considering what you are going through, it's completely understandable. I hope that since you have now set your course you will begin to feel better. Please take time to take care of yourself because the stronger you are, both physically and emotionally, the better your surgical recovery should be. Just know that you have support and friendship here.

Bob and I send our best thoughts and prayers to you...


P.S...Perhaps instead of telling yourself that "hopefully, I'll get to go (on a cruise) another time." Say to yourself, "I WILL go on a cruise when I'm better." It takes it from a wish to a plan. Know what I mean?

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If you feel in your heart that you made the right decision, the rest of you will eventually come to agree.

Get yourself through surgery and well again and then go on your cruise as reward.

I can totally understand feeling let down and drained. You were very much looking forward to some fun in the sun and now you are facing surgery instead. That would take most anyone down. But, you'll still be able to do a cruise or anything else you want to do, and that's what's important.

I'm praying for you and a speedy recovery!


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first you know your body, yes it would be close to your cruise. you will be going on a lot of cruises after getting this out of the way. i love to cruise, nothing like it. i have been on 13 cruises so far and looking forward to many more.
i think kathim just went to alaska. god bless you and your surgeon, recoup and than make plans for your cruise.!!!!
be well
never,ever give up!!!!!!

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Let us know what they find after your surgery. I'll be curious since I also have a spot in my lung measuring 7mm; however, my onc is taking the wait and see since it is so small. I had a CT/PET today and will find out results next week. Best of luck to you.


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