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Hello everyone,
Today I finished my last round of chemo (#8) Folfox but no Avastin!!! I can't believe I am done. Last September I never thought I would get to this moment. I set a ct/pet scans for September to hopefully be NED. I'm am hoping for a better outcome this September. Anyway I was talking to the nurse practictioner today and asked what I should be doing between now and scans. She said it is time to "go live". I like that. Hopefully my fractured foot will be healed up in the next several weeks and this incision also.
I just want to thank everyone who has been there and given me advice the past nine months. I don't think I could have made it through and kept my sanitiy without you all.


PS-I had the mole removed yesterday. Dr. said it was definitely black, but not a location he sees skin cancer. Given my background he removed it for my peace of mind. I'll let you all know when I get the results.

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Congrats on finishing treatment!

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Congratulations on finishing your last chemo! That's great news. I'm glad that you got the mole removed.
Take care,

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Hey Kiersten,
Congratulations on completing your Chemo program. It's good to hear you sounding upbeat again. Enjoy the summer!!

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Hallelulia! I'm also glad you had the mole looked after. Now, go celebrate.

I was to have had my next to last chemo last Tuesday, but my white cells were too low, so it's next week, then two weeks later, I'll go live, too!

They gave me a shot to boost white cell production and told me it would cause bone pain. A little while later, I got a headache. Should I worry? (I mean, I've been told I was a bonehead, but I didn't think it was really true.)


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Hi Kathleen,
I've been taking neupogen in-between my xeloda/avastin/irenotecan cycles. So far I've had one 7-day series and I start another tomorrow. I had bone pain in my sternum and pelvis. I was glad to have been forwarned because the chest pain was a little unsettling. I was able to cope with tylenol. Talk to your onc clinic if it gets too bad.
Hope it goes well for you. It helped my neutrophils recover but my platelets were down so I had treatment postponed and my irenotecan decreased.
TTFN... Rob

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what type cancer did you have? chemo lasted almost a year??? I'm new, starting tx next week and wondering what's in store for me...

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I was diagnosed with stage three rectal cancer last September 18th. It has been a long 9 months, but I am finally done. Treatment consisted of chemo/radiation for 6 weeks, bowel resection, hysterectomy, permanent colostomy on Feb 5th, followed by 4 months of additional chemo (Folfox and Avastin). I will then do follow up scans in September. You can read about my experience on the Personal Web pages or feel free to email me at anytime. The support of all theses wonderful people has made my journey so much easier.


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I'm am so proud of you for finishing chemo. That is awesome and you have come a long way.

I like the nurse's statement, "go live." Sometimes harder to follow than you would think, but if you have trouble you know where to go for help.

You remind me of how I was... I had two "spots" on my skin removed because I was paranoid. They weren't moles, but were an angry red and had a "lump" feel to it. The GP told me with certainty that it was not cancer and told me what it was. I insisted it be removed and he humored me. I can't remember the med term, but it was basically skin that had more elasticity than the rest. You will always feel better knowing with test results that it isn't "the beast".

I pray for great scan results in September.


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congrats on finishing chemo. now when your foot heals go dancing with ned for a long time!!!
yes now it is time to live!!!
be well
never,ever give up!!!!!

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Congratulations! Now come back NED, heal that foot up and do the happy dance!!!!

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Hi Kiersten -

Congrats on being done with treatment. Go out and live!

Take care,

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