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I have nothing to say

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So I just wanted to say hi to everyone and wish you well on your journey today. It has been a particurlary uneventful few weeks and for me, that is weird. Hope all is well. I do have one story for you.
A Woman is caught stealing and her husband takes her to court so she can go before the judge.
Why did you steal the judge asks? because i was hungry...
what did you steal the judge asks? peaches.....
Hw many peaches did you steal the judge asks?
then you shall be sentenced to six days, one for each peach you stole.

all of a sudden the woman's husband jumps up with a glimmer of hope in his eyes and yells.

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Okay, here's another story, and this one is true.

My daughter has a cocker spaniel named Mabel who is a very frustrated want-to-be mother. She was let into the back yard last week, and carried into the house a kitten. She went back out and brought in another kitten. My daughter went out with her and found a third kitten. They had either wandered in or been dumped there. The vet said they were about 6 weeks old.

Mabel mothers them, sleeps with them, washes them, loves them, and they consider her their mother now.

Yesterday she was found to have started lactating.

Anything is possible!

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