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close your eyes....

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and please send me some prayers....(and of course let's include everyone else that have cancer)...
My "big" surgery is tomorrow.....they are going to open my cute belly from top to buttom to take those 2 suckers out.....then....NED right ????
A little bit scared ( not ready for the pain) but looking forward to it...
Thanks you all for those stories that are keeping my sprits high !

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Joined: Oct 2005

Hello, you have my prayers for tomorrow and always.
The very best of luck to you.


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I am sending positive vibes and hugs your way.

Next week it will be 4 years since my surgery. I have come a long way baby!!!!!

You will get through this.


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Hi Ileana,
You're in my thoughts and prayers today as you prepare yourself for surgery.
May the blessings of hope, courage, gratitude, and peace sustain you...
May you be aware of the awesome healing potential of your mind, spirit, and body...
May the gifts of knowledge, competance, and compassion be with those who care for you...
Peace and blessings...
Rob; in Vancouver
"A Cancer Journal" http://rob-pollock.blogspot.com/

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Hi Ileana,
I'm sending positive energy your way and wishing you an excellent outcome and a speedy recovery.

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Good luck tomorrow with your surgery, may God bless the hands of your surgeon. Rest and recoup and then dance with ned.
Be well
Never,ever give up!!!!!

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Ileana -

My very biggest positive thoughts and prayers are yours today, tomorrow and for as long as you need them. Know that your SemiColon friends are with you....

Be well!

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Best of luck Alta, hope the healing is quick and uneventful. Walking, as painful as it is after surgery is the best healer. be strong. enjoy the food.

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More prayers coming your way, best of luck with this next step. Judy

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You will be in my prayers for tomorrow's surgery. Let us know how it all went when you feel well enough.

God bless


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Sorry I missed your post. Haven't been on .. But I hope it went well and you'll be in my prayers for a speedy recovery. God Bless

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