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can anyone please help me

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My mom is going to have surgery to have a lobe of her lung removed the surgeon we talked to said it would be a thorcotomy.I asked him about the minimally invasive surgery and he said no it will be a cut 8inches and he said he would spread the ribs and in the hopitial about 6 days. My question is should we see another surgeon? Is vats better than opening her up all the way? Im confused shes confused can anyone please help? dont know who to ask what to do ?? This is my mom and i want what is best for her but how do I go about that? She is 59 yrs old and is very active with the only other heath problem is high blood presure. Thank you

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I had both a regular VATS procedure and a modified VATS procedure. I was told that only someone highly trained in the procedure would be able to do it. Recovery time is shortened considerably by the VATS procedure. It is no better than regular surgery in terms of "getting" the cancer. Sometimes regular surgery is best. Now would be a good time to consult with a thoracic surgeon who is an expert in the VATS procedure if you can. You could call around to leading lung cancer centers in your area and see whom they recommend. They might be able to answer your questions over the phone. There are some "Ask an Expert" spots on the internet that can answer general questions too. Good luck!

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i just had a thorecotomy had my right middle lobe removed your mom should see a cardiacthorasic surgeon they specialize in this and u want the cancer out and it is major surgery if u have anymore questions feel free to contact me and good luck .......i will pray for your momtoo!!!!!

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Cabbott and sexysam, Thank you so much for replying to me. We found a surgeon that does the VATS surgery and went to talk to him. He scared us so bad. He said that it could spread so many places and he didnt know nothing untill he does surgery. He said that he would first look in with the scope and then go from there.Im so scared. My mom is so scared. She has the surgery 6-25 tomarrow.All of moms tests came back good. She had a pet scan,bone scan,and ct. Talking to that doctor you would think that it didnt matter. so scared so worried.

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