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Please check out the saved message in my inbox. The subject is treat-cancer.nl and the sender is notify3847. Sound familiar? I know you have deleted several messages on that topic. Anyone else receive this junk mail?

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Yes,unfortunately joy.

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Yes, I had one also. Friday.

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HI, I got one on a list with all the "j's" at this site; these guys sure frost me; I sent my own request to them to stop posting at this site, and got back some junk about they have an "ethical" responsibility to get this news out. (Which involves, of course, sending them some money for some potion.) What a waste of CSN time and space. Judy

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Hello All,

I got the same e-mail. It's annoying, but thankfully the delete button works great.

Curiosity got to me once with one of these supplement sellers, so I called to get their side of the story. The "doctor" (who I discovered was an unlicensed practitioner claiming to be an MD) told me that I would die from my cancer if I did not stop chemo and take his very expensive supplements...for the rest of my life! I was infuriated. I told him he was extremely arrogant and dangerous to make a statement such as that without reviewing my case in detail as my oncologist had, nor even looking at a simple blood test.

These "vendors" are modern day snake oil salesmen. Buyer beware...

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I got one too.
Jo Ann

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Got one too!


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I got 3 over the past 2 days!

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Hello all, I got the same emails. I did email CSN and got a reply back from Dana that said they have been blocked from CSN.

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I just got one today so they are somehow not blocked.

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