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Well girls I am through with Doxil. Let me explain and I really need your prayers.
Sunday at church I was prayed for it was awesome, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit! My pastor called a 2 day fasting and prayer, what ever you felt comfortable with and we were having prayer Tuesday and Wed. night...I went Wed. night it was great again my pastor called me up and and everyone prayed and I was annoited with oil...What is interesting is after the service a lady came up to me and told me her story... 5 yrs ago she had been dx with late stage ov. they did not give her long to live. She took 3 tx. and could not take it. I'm not sure who told her about Protocel.. but she decided to take that and here she is 5 years later cancer free and beautiful! I say all that to say this, I am on my 3rd kind of chemo Doxil. I had been doing pretty well with it, until Thusday, and I was like ok Lord I am believing you for my healing and look at me I have broken out on the top of my legs, parts of my arms, my hands are red and hurt, my feet are peeling, my sides where my bra touches are broken out, I am supposed to have my next tx of Doxil next Friday. I am not taking it, its like my mother said if it is doing this to the outside of my body what is it doing to the inside. Good Question! Noone has an answer for me.
I really feel this is an answer from God for me, just the way everything took place. I went to the Potocel web site very very interesting, I am going to try it. So like I said I need your prayers I dont know what my dr. is going to say, when I called and talked to the nurse yesterday it was like well you know you are not supposed to wear anything binding or use hot water ect... I thought I was being careful didnt seem to matter, so that really helped make my decision too, but I don't know what he is going to say. So please pray!
Love and Hugs, Jan

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Dear Jan,
Last year when I took the one dose of doxil and reacted so badly, my #'s dropped after a month and stayed down for 6 months! There is certainly hope that the amount you did will have a lasting effect so watch your #'s before starting a new therapy.

Don't know what the protocel is and I hope you will wait just awhile to get another ca125. Otherwise you might attribute success to it in error.
I would be looking for alternatives too, but remember what we've heard about doxil taking awhile to register results. I hope you will let us all know what you find out about protocel and thanks for sharing the hopeful story of the survivor.
The blistering lasted 14 days for me. I got pretty sick. Doc wants to use it next at 60% but the memory is still pretty fresh of that worst ever side effect. Get a moo-moo or a robe and no more tight stuff cuz it will spread. Stay out of the sun and the kitchen. Can you tell how you are doing besides the side effects? I remember the doc saying 'this is not the cancer, just a side effect' It took me all year to understand that. Now I know what cancer pain is and I agree, but then it was worse than carbo/taxol! You have my sympathy. There's no way through it but straight ahead. One hour or moment at a time if need be..but you will survive it.

You have my prayers. Your faith is very strong and you will get through this. Your support system is as good as they come, Wow, the whole congregation!
All the best to you girl!

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I encourage you to keep praying about this. The Protocel web site does say the this product is not effective on ovarian cancer as well as two others. I will pray that you make the right decision for your body. I do understand that we all get discouraged and sick and tired. Hugs and strength to you.

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'Jan will mount up with wings as eagles! Jan will WALK and NOT be weary! Jan will RUN and NOT faint'! I know you are tired - we all get that way sometimes. There were times I would ask myself 'I don't know if I can do this again'. There is no doubt that it was the Lord's strength and peace that got me through it all.

I also know the 'signs' that you see (how you feel, the physical side affects) are not too encouraging to your faith. It's then that we must say, 'Lord I believe, but help my unbelief.'

I am so glad that you have such overwhelming support and love. That is is important. Everyone coming together in agreement regarding your healing is awesome! So now, maybe you'll need to 'wait' and see where He wants you to WALK or RUN. And if so, HE will give you the strength to do it all! That's the amazing Father that He is. He will also give you knowledge and wisdom regading Protocel. All will come together in the right time and place.

My love, hugs and prayers to you. I will be anxiously awaiting more of your posts - please share again with us!


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Posts: 238
Joined: Jan 2004

I am sitting here in tears, after reading your replys. What a blessing it is to have you all. I really can not express it. You are my friends and I appreciate and love each and everyone of you so much.
I do need wisdom from God to know my next step. My mother thinks my dr. will be upset when I tell him about the protocel. I am going to listen to what he has to say and what he suggest as my next step before I mention the protocel.I know I will not take anymore Doxil. I want to see what my ca125 is and they will draw blood Monday and I will know Tuesday.
I am also going to talk to the lady at my church tomorrow, I have more questions about when she took the protocel.
Last night I could'nt sleep and I had GODTV on it is so awesome great teaching and wonderful praise, I could get caught up in that 24/7.
Well I am going to go take a tepid shower. lol
God is good and I am excited about what he has in store for all of us. God Bless you and love,Jan

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Dearest Jan, I am so sorry to hear you ended up with the rash so severe. I know how frustrating it can be to try so hard and have hope then have such terrible side affects you can't stand the treatment. I pray the treatments you have managed to have were enough to knock the cancer back and give you a remission already. Remember there are still a lot of things out there that have proven to work for woman with Ovarian Cancer. Avastin/Cytoxan have you tried this combo yet, lots of woman get long remissions from it and it was the first combo that actually shrunk my tumors and made some disappear.

How wonderful to have the whole congregation pray over you, and to fast and pray sends lots of power your way. I know I've had this done also and even though the cancer didn't disappear the strength it sent me helped me through that leg of the journey.

Your body may be getting weak but your faith is remains strong! You are an inspiration to many.

Prayers N Hugs Bonnie

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