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Advice for nutrition & weight gain for MIL

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My mother-in-law has an intestinal tumor and was hospitalized in March for blockage. They were able to unblock some of the intestine and she was subsequently discharged. She has been on a liquid diet ever since.

Although the prognosis is not good we are trying to stay hopeful. She is still with us today even though the doc gave her as little as a week to live back in March.

Right now we are struggling to keep her from losing too much weight. It has been a challege to say the least. When she was discharged she was not to take anything that could potentially clog her bowels (e.g. fiber) and could not have dairy. She is slowly trying more solid food now but is scared to get another blockage, so she is not eating much.

The nutritionist recommended a high calorie drink with no fiber and dairy. My mother-in-law struggles to drink enough of it. To top it off she is really sick of drinking it (I can't blame her...there is only one and sometimes two flavors to choose from). It's really heart breaking to see her chew and spit out regular food just so she can taste it again.

Anyway, sorry for the long post...but my question is: Are there any suggestions for things she can eat that is safe for partially blocked intestines? She has tried some soft tofu pudding, broth, thin rice gruel and juices. She's also trying to eat small amounts throughout the day as eating too much at once causes her discomfort.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. She has another nutritionist appt, but it's not for another month. She has lost 5 lbs in the past week and is already tiny to begin with. She needs to get some calories in her asap. :(

Thanks again!

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How about bananna's, applesauce, toast, peanut butter, rice, tuna fish, eggs, baked potatoe, etc.

I hope this helps.

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