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Waiting on surgery

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I met with the department head of Texas Oncology today and my schedule seems to have been speeded up. Instead of 6 chemos, he said that since I have responded so well to the 4 chemo treatments that we should go ahead and do the surgery now. Things are moving fast, have CT scan tomorrow and CA125 today. Should have surgery in the next two or three weeks for optimum treatment. At age 68 it is a scare so I covet your hugs and prayers in the coming days.

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Hi Saundra, I am new here and just read your post. I am putting you on my prayer list for a successful surgery and recovery. What chemo drugs were you given? Was it iv infusion? Or did you have a port? I am also sending tons of hugs. I understand what a scare this all is. I am 60 and was diagnosed after exploratory surgery in 4/06 with stage 3c primary peritoneal cancer. It is rare, incurable and so similar to ovarian cancer that it is treated the same way with the same drugs. I have been in remission for one year. However, ca125 is starting to creep up, #'s are still within "normal" limits, but each checkup it is 6-9 points higher. My last CT scan was inconclusive might be residual cancer, might be scar tissue from treatments. ??? My gyn/onc mentioned at last vist, if ca125 turns "abnormal", we will look into a clinical trial "thalidomide vs tamoxifen" Don't know what that is all about as yet. Gads, I hate this stuff! Sometimes I get so depressed and feel so defeated. However, most of the time I am pretty positive and upbeat. You take care of you and think good-positive thoughts! I have learned throughout this battle that we all have deep untapped reserves of strength and courage we didn't know we had. I know you will find yours and will become your own hero! HUGS and PRAYERS, Tish

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Thanks, Tish. My cancer is Stage IV because of the spread to the liver. I have had Taxol/Carboplatin 4 times. After the first two doses my CA125 went from 2988 to 288 and another CT scan showed no new growth and 50% reduction in most tumors. Hopefully the next two doses improved things also but it will be next week before I find out by phone. Following surgery, I will be put on a "consolidation therapy" of a single chemo, probably Taxol monthly for a year at a lower dose that previous treatments. Welcome to this site. I have learned alot and check it daily for information and now to check on friends, I've made since April. I would like to have a year of remission.

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I know you have a great deal ahead of you, but it is great news that they are pleased with your body's response and will move up the surgery. I understand your fears and concerns, but it sounds like your doctors are right on top of things and know what they are doing. Please know we're all here for you, praying, sending hugs and will anxiously await to hear more good news as to the outcome of your surgery.

My prayers for you also, and hold those positive thoughts! Attitude is such an important factor - for all of us. We need all the energy and strength we can get - no sense in wasting it on needless worry. Use all that energy to be hopeful and do what you have to do to get better.

Love to you both. Keep in touch.

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Saundra, It's normal to be scared but don't spend too much time there. Work with diet and exercise to prepare your body and lot's of positive input for the mind. I had surgery at 55 and am a 6 year survivor. It took me longer to heal, I think, because I drowned myself in beer and pills, in the 2 weeks before surgery, thinking I'd numb out the pain. I almost did it permanent-like. Lot's of vitamins from food, a daily walk and good, positive readings and affirmations would have helped me so much. Laughter therapy, hang out with babies, in nature, lot's you can do to fill yourself with good energy. Isn't it the best news that your schedule is speeded up! Your body must be fighting hard. You are going to be great, especially after already facing off with the chemo treatments. That couldn't have been easy.
Sending you a gazillion good thoughts and prayers for strength and peace of mind as you face this surgery. Be well.

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Thanks,Paula. I started in pretty good shape...quit smoking about 10 years ago...went to the gym 4x's a week at least for the last 8 years or so and blood counts were envied by all my doctors.

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I believe the ladies have said it all so I will send my prayers and good thoughts your way. Let us know when you are scheduled so we can lift you up in prayer on that day.

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Saundra, Praise the Lord for such wonderful results! I have a friend who is a stage IV survivor of 4 years already and she has only had one recurrence in all the time and the cancer was also in her lungs. So a person just never knows how our cancer will react to treatments. Am so glad yours was so positive. Also on our Minnesota Ovarian Board there is a woman named Joy who is a 4 year survivor already and she I believe has also only dealt with one recurrence.

Now sending you buckets and buckets of Prayers N Hugs BonnieRose

PS here is a link to joys story


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As a nurse , my specialty being the elderly,I can tell you that your recovery will be quick. Your still a very young woman!!! I will put you on my prayer list, let us know the date...((((hugz)))..Joanne

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I hope you can feel my hugs and prayers. Paula had the greatest suggestions - laugh and love, and be around those who can give it back!

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Hi Saundra
It's great to hear that you're doing so well after only 4 treatments. Try not to worry too much about the surgery! I was scared too, especially when they ever so thoughtfully asked me about being an organ doner (an hour before surgery) as I was getting admitted. That's not where you want your head to be just before you go in there. So, take care of the admitting stuff ahead of time if you can, and do your best to relax! I hear most OR's let you take a headset in with you, so you can listen to your fav tunes. If not, chances are you'll be so busy thinking about the fact that you haven't eaten in about 3 days, that you won't have time to worry. Next thing you know it's all behind you, and you just need to focus on recovering. Getting all the tubes out ASAP is a great motivation to feel better fast. And, once they are out, you're on your way home. I hope your son or someone is there for you when you get home! You will need the help. If you have limited help, you may want to fill you freezer with meals ready to eat, cause you will not be up to cooking for awhile. Judging by your positive attitude on this board, I know you will be strong and get through this too just fine. I don't pray, but I will be thinking about you!

I haven't figured out how to upload my picture yet. I think I need to convert the file to the appropriate format to do so. I'll get it done one of these days.

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Hi Saundra. Believe me, you are still a youngster! I think you will do just fine with your surgery. Somewhere on this board are some posts I made about my Mom. She had a lengthy surgery at age 89. I hope it gives you a little boost. Hugs to you, Cindy

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