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CT results

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I am happy to say that there are NO new tumors and the 2 that I have ( one is mentioned as a posible adenoma)are stable ( even though I haven;t have chemo in a month. Liver, pancreas, lungs are clear !! So I am happy!!!!Surgery is still schedule for next tuesday....Can't wait !! ( can you believe I am saying that ? ) Well....I cant wait to have those suckers out of my body !!! They are only 2.2 x 2.2 cm and 1.5 x 1.2 ( that is small, isn't it ? )What will fatty infiltration of the liver means? (it also say no liver masses )
God is good....
Thanks you all for your good thoughts !

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Hi -

That is great news! I wish you the very best with your surgery.

I don't completely understand it, but "fatty infiltration of the liver" is common as people get older - doesn't necessarily mean anything "bad".

Best wishes,

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Posts: 435
Joined: Mar 2005

I'm not getting older...just wiser !!!

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So happy to hear about your results.
Remember though that getting older is a good thing.
Jo Ann

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Hi! Great to hear the good news! Yes, I would say that those 2 liver nodules are pretty small still. So, that is good. I am very happy to hear that your surgery is on track for Tuesday. I had a liver resection and I can say it is not the most fun thing, but you are certainly fortunate that you are a sugical candidate.
As for the fatty liver, that is funny you should ask because I just read an article about it this morning! Basically it means that fat droplets are deposited both between and within liver cells. In approx. half of the cases, there is a slight or mild drop in liver function and the patients health is not seriously affected. However, if it is not nipped in the bud it can become serious. When it is in the early stages the most efficient treatment is weight loss. Even a modest 5-10% loss can significantly lower the fat content in the liver. So, it is very important following a liver resection to eat lots of protein in order to regenerate the liver quickly. In following a high protein diet you will probably also loose weight. The main problem is fat stored around the waist. If you are prone to that you have to be vigilant. I am sure your doctor can tell you more and help you. I hope that bit of info. helps though.
Best wishes for a CURE and speedy recovery!!
Take care,
Susan H.

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Good news. Am happy for you. Prayers for successful surgery. I'm sure you'll do fine. God Bless and keep the faith!

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Yes! Get those bad boy's out of your body!!! I'm so relieved that all your other organs are clear. EXCELLENT! Will be thinking of you this coming Tuesday.


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