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My mom has been in the hospital for 2.5 weeks. She went in with extreme fatigue and a 25 lb. weight loss (she is now 100lbs). She hid this well in order to care for my dad. Finally, her bp was 70/30 at and she could't stand. The doctor hospitalized her and right away suspected cancer. She was so malnurished that when they found her colon cancer (18 cm- couldn't complete colonoscopy bc it was blocking everything), they could not remove it for fear that she would not be able to heal from the operation. They gave her a
colostomy bag. They thought that spots on her lungs were cancer too, but they did not biopsy them when they saw them yesterday bc they had shrunk down. They pulled fluid from her lungs instead. Their goal is to make her healthy enough to be able to treat her. This week, we should hear some more about the prognosis. However, without surgery happening, I have some questions...
-Will they be able to stage her? They've said that her lymph nodes are enlarged, but have not commented on any lymph biopsy- they were focused on the lungs (as noted above).
-If the cancer is so big, does that make it more likely that it has penetrated more layers of her colon?
She NEVER went for a colonoscopy and she is 74 yrs. old.
What else should I be asking the doctors about this week besides her lymphs? What do you think her prognosis may be? (I know you're not doctors, I am just grasping at straws here)


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    The Dr. is right...the first thing she needs is to get stronger. They will be able to stage her once they do a biopsy....When she gets stronger, she can start chemo....but first thing first...let them finish all the test, and then they will decide what treatment she will recieve.
    Good luck and keep us posted....
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    Hi and welcome, but sorry to hear about your Mom. I too, agree they need to build up her strength first to go further. Remember that doctors may or may not give prognosis, but it doesn't necessarily mean they are always right. Once you get the facts, you can research more and don't be afraid to get another opinion if you/your mom deem necessary. Take it one step and one day at a time. Right now the most important thing is to get her strong enough for treatment, whether that be chemo ,radiation , surgery or a combination of some or all. They may order a PET scan for her to check for further spread before staging her. Good luck and keep us posted. This is a great site with much support. God Bless and prayers for your mom.

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    Hello & welcome, even though I'm very sorry for the reason that you're posting. You & your Mom have certainly been through a lot in 2.5 weeks!
    I agree with the previous posts: the first order of business is to get your Mom feeling strong and healthy. Yes, they'll be able to stage her cancer & advise on appropriate treatments. Don't be afraid to ask questions until you fully understand and can consider all the options.

    And don't be afraid to get a second opinion at a major cancer center!

    Best of luck to you & your Mom.
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    I agree with everyone else. Mom's and doctor's first task is to get her stronger. Is she doing any better since they put her in the hospital? Tell her we will all be praying for her and there are others out there that understand some of what she is going through. Also make sure the doctors know that you are your mom's advocate and never feel bad about asking them questions. They are paid by you. Keeping your mom in my prayers. Please tell us how she is doing.

    Lisa F.