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hepatocellular carcinoma

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I lost my significant other to heptocellular carcinoma. He was diagnosed on August 26th, 2006 and passed away on September 19th, 2006. There wasn't any time to research treatments. I am posting this here because it looks promising and I want those who have been newly diagnosed to find help if it is available:

First Agent Ever Demonstrates Significant Benefit in Liver Cancer

NEXAVAR(R) Proven to Extend Overall Survival by 44 Per Cent

TORONTO, June 4 /CNW/ - Results from a new global study have shown that
NEXAVAR(R) (sorafenib tablets) is proven to extend overall survival in
patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), or primary liver cancer versus
those taking placebo by 44 per cent. These findings were released today at the
43rd annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) in
Chicago, Illinois....



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Progen Pharmaceuticals Outlines Preliminary Phase 3 Clinical Trial Design - Patient Enrollment Planned for Second Half of 2007-


In April, Progen announced the final stage 1 results of its Phase 2 trial of PI-88 in patients who had previously undergone surgical removal of liver cancer. The 48 week data demonstrated that 160 mg of PI-88 showed an improvement in disease-free rate of 25 percent and prolonged the time to tumour recurrence (disease free survival) from 27 to 48 weeks, or by 78 percent, building on the 30-week results previously announced in December 2006. On the strength of these data, Progen announced its intention to plan a multi-national Phase 3 trial of PI-88 at a dose of 160mg/day.



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Anne, I lost my husband on Feb. 4th, 2009 just 4 weeks ago. He had hep.C & cirrohis. The drs. found a mass back in the summer while he was in the hospital but said it was not cancer. We were waiting for a transplant but on Jan 26, 2009 he had a C-scan & the drs. said it had grown from 1 centemiter to over 5 & was the most aggressive cancer he had ever seen. He lived for 9 days & passed away with liver failure. We are blessed that he left before the cancer spread over his whole body & he was not in terrible pain. Love, Renee

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Likely your husband had hepC for many many years.

Tell EVERYONE you come into contct with to get tested.

more here: www.hcop.org/blog

support hepC PREVENTION. Death and transplants can be prevented and more organs made available more timely.

not a drug user's disease.

If he was a veteran, you may have $$$ coming to you as many vets were infected from vaccine guns.

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