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Hi All Semicolons,
Just wanted to let you know my Oncologist called me this evening about the Pet scan I had today; I also had a CT with contrast. The radiologist called him and said I have a 1cm spot on the base of my right lung. My oncologist called my surgeon and they discussed what to do about it. My surgeon only does abdominal surgery, so he will refer me to a thorasic surgeon. I'll call him tomorrow. I'm glad it was found with these scans since it didn't show 7 weeks ago on a Pet scan. He also said it was better in the lung than in the abdomen. I hope he's right. Thanks for the answers a few days ago.


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    Hi Kandy,

    In the scheme of things, I think detection is key to any successful fight. You cannot heal what you do not find. Are they sure that the lung spot is cancer? Sometimes they are not. Best wishes for a great outcome.

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    I'm with Stacy it doesn't matter where it was found as long as it was detected early. I'm glad they can do surgery sometimes that is not an option.
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    I had surgery to remove my left lower lobe of my lung. The tumor was also 1cm. Good luck!

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    I agree with everyone. Thank goodness it was found. Is there a way for them to verify it is cancer and not a "false positive"? HUGS either way and sending good vibes.

    Lisa F.
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    I think your best chance of a cure is to get that sucker out. If it lit up on the PET scan at that size, it is more than likely a met. I had 2 small (1cm) nodules on my right lung, 2 1/2 years ago. I had a thoracotomy which confirmed that they were colon cancer mets. I have not had any more trouble since then.
    If you want to go to MD Anderson, I highly recommend Dr. David Rice.
    Take care and good luck,
    Susan H.
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    Kandy, I echo what others have said. That's the way to look at it. Good that it was detected and now you can get it taken care of . You can't fight what you don't know. God Bless and keep us posted.

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    Kandy, Sorry to hear the news -- but I share the positive view expressed by others. (a) detected early (b) small and only one (c) I would imagine operable. I have had two small spots in my lung -- both times a similar scenario to you (small, detected early). Both times I had them removed surgically (once they had to remove the whole lobe -- which amazingly has few/no long-term effects on lung capacity. Once just a wedge resection). Both times I had follow-up chemo. But, good to get those little suckers out. I wasn't able to have a biopsy either time -- the position wasn't accesssible. If it's close to a bronchial passage they may suggest brochial lavage (one of life's less pleasant experiences -- DO request a light sedative). Please feel free to post again or email me if I can address any concerns about lung procedures -- there are also many others here who can share their wisdom and experiences. Lung sounds scary but it's OK. I've been able to walk and even hike a few weeks after the surgery each time. Good luck to you.