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Hi all! I've noticed a lot of new visitors and posters on the board. Great to see you here (Sorry about what brought you here...but you HAVE found the right place). I am a 44 year old who survived stage 3 rectal cancer at the age of 36. Now, eight and one-half years later, I am living a wonderful life and remain cancer free. the first couple of years were so tough emotionally. I wondered how I would ever live a normal life again with all my fears of the future (i.e., wife and three young children). Well, last night I attended my daughters high school honor program where she received the outstanding biology student award (she is a freshman in advanced classes). By living one day or even one hour at a time, I made it here. Live positively each day...do something positive even on your worst day (I used to walk my daughter to the bus stop and do a crossword puzzle before taking a mid-morning nap during treatment). I ran and ran and ran...it made me tired, too tired to worry about cancer recurring. I took care of the little things and the big things took care of themselves. I hate this disease, but admit that it made me a bigger man in the end. Good luck and keep up the good fight...we have miles to walk (or run) before we sleep!

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Hi Runner,

Thanks for this note. Always makes me feel better. Congrats to your daughter and big congrats to you. You are an inspiration!

Lisa F.

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Thank you so much for your uplifting post! If I ever needed an uplift, it's today.

God is good.


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thanks for the encouraging post runner and the reminder to enjoy the moments in time that we are very blessed to have. Congrats to your daughter and continued blessings on you and your family.

God Bless

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Thank you for your message. It means even more to me to I had my first chemo today (stage IV, 36 and a 10 mos old baby girl) and I'm attached to that pump thing.
You give me all the hope there is to fight this.
Thank you again,

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Glad to hear from you. Everytime I see you post it gives me a big lift dealing with the beast. Even though I am 3 years out and ned, it is great to see a 8 1/2 year survivor.
Run on my friend and keep beating the beast.
Be well
Never,ever give up!!!

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That is great! I'm a colon cancer with liver mets survivor. Initial resection and found mets in liver about 18 months later. Completed chemo last nov. It's encouraging to read stories like yours.

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Hi Runner,
Thanks for the positive post. Stick with the day-ro-day stuff. I'm new to this group. DX Stage 4 in August '04, now dealing with follow-up chemo after RFA for isolated liver met. I like your approach to chemo. Thanks!

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Hi Runner
I am glad you are still going so well, it is not so easy surviving survival. You have to have guts and determination and even then some days you wonder. I remember back at the start, things were pretty rough at times with the pressure of work and the emotional roller coaster but you hung in and now are reaping the rewards. Compared to you I have been more of an accidental tourist seemingly staggering from one disaster to another. I am starting to come to terms with my marriage break up and getting back on top of things but my general health is deteriorating,I have an appointment to see a Cardiac specialist in a few weeks. Come what may I am determined to get through to 22nd of jan 2008. That will be my ten years survival and I fully intend to celebrate big time. All the best to you and your family ,keep on enjoying them and life. Ron.

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Thank you I really needed that story. I had a rough night last night and you really helped me realize that I can beat this beast..


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Thanks an awful lot for your very timely post. I am a stage 3 rectal cancer survivor 6 mo. out, and yesterday I had my 10th out of 12. I had a bad reaction to it, and was relatively bummed out. I stayed home from work today, so I had time to check the posts, and there you were! I'm very grateful for your inspiration.

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As always your posts are helpful to so many people here. I know what you mean about running. I backpack for the same reason, upwards of 50 miles/week, fortunately it is my job. I am also a big fan of lifting weights.I don't know how I could have gotten through all of this walking (not running, lol). Like you said, it makes you so exhausted you cannot think about cancer. I don't know if that type of extreme exercise is for everyone, but some exercise I have to say, would be helpful for anyone dealing with this sort of emotional turmoil.
Take care and thanks again for the inspirational post,
Susan H.

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