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7 months post-op

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I'm 7 months post-op after having had a radical hysterectomy for stage 1b cervical cancer. So far, I've been feeling great & check-ups so far have been normal.
At the end of the month, I'm to have a chest x-ray to be certain no cancer cells have migrated to my lungs ( IF there are any cancer cells still hanging around !! )
Has anyone experienced a spread of their cancer when it's been at the same stage as mine ? My doctor told me that I had a 20% chance of reoccuring cancer. That sounds pretty low to me so I'm really hoping for the best.
I've been feeling great so far. Best wishes to all of you !!!

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Hi! I have a personal web page here - Christina's Cervical Cancer Corner. I'm a 5 year cervical cancer survivor. I was originally diagnosed with 1B2 (4 cm). When I had surgery, they found the cancer was worse and had spread to the lymph system. It was found in the lymph nodes around my heart, spine and abdomen. I had a radical hysterectomy, followed by 25 sessions of radiation and 8 rounds of chemo. For the first 3 years I had CT scans and chest x-rays ever 3 - 6 months. Now I have CT scans once a year. I still have Pap tests every 3 months. I always ask for a rectal exam too. My doctor told me it was important to make sure nothing showed up there. I'm telling you all this because I had a nasty, fast-growing (adenocarcinoma) cancer traveling around my body, and so far no cancer has shown up on the scans (yeah!). I try not to brag too much! Don't want to tempt fate. Also, my doctor wouldn't tell me the statistics for survival. He said that statistics are not for the individual. He's right - we are all different. I wish you well and hope that your tests come back showing no cancer. Did you have chemo or radiation?

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No, I didn't have chemo or radiation....just the surgery. My doctor said he would either do surgery or I would have chemo &radiation.....he wouldn't do both. I was told that the cancer had not penetrated my cervical walls. And my lymph nodes came back clear.
I am having a colonoscopy tomorrow, but that is because I was diagnosed with colitis a few years ago. But because of that, I'm at a far greater risk of developing colon cancer. Maybe my having had cervical cancer increases that risk, also.

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I also had a radical hysterectomy, same stage as you. I was told and have read that at that stage it has not spread and the survival rate is great. I was told 3 years is the mark instead of the 5 years so many use as the magic number. I will be a 4 year survivor Sunday. The first year on I went every 6 months for checkups with yearly scans,etc. Then after the first year, I only have to go yearly. Its up to the physicans and you as to schedule though. Don't let worry or fear of the unknown waste your days and night-live-enjoy. It is difficult, I know. Even at 4 years its still there in the back of my mind but as time passes, it gets better, believe me. i think my most anxious time is the yearly workup, wondering about the "what if's". It was a long road for me but it does get better, and i still have my "bad" days but it passes quickly. i had several major complications post-op but i pulled through and survived- the complications, in some ways were worse than the cancer itself. please let me know if i can do anything to be there (here) for you. justolsuzieq@aol.com

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