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My doctor has recommended support hose for my legs, as my left leg is extremely swollen (edema). Don't know why??? Anyway, has anyone used them before? What kind would you recommend? I have seen several different types - for diabetes, for thrombosis, etc. So, I'm not sure which to get. I suppose I could call him back, but I just thought someone might have some experience in this area.
Thank you! Hugs to all!

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Mopar...isn't this funny I'm having the same problems except it's in both legs,feet and ankles. My onc said I could have support hose also, he can refer me to a occupational therapist for the proper type and size..they even have tan colored now, instead of just white. I have decided to hold off, my legs aren't bothering too bad, plus it's very hot and sticky here in Fl during the summer. My onc said that it is ok if I want to wait. Good luck with your decision and let me know what you find out....((((hugz)))..Joanne

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Hey Monika, I wore them before and just got the thigh highs from the druggist. But if you can therapy to fit you that's great.

Hugs N Prayers Bonnie

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Hi Monika,

I had leg swelling caused by deep vein thrombosis, and I wonder why you don't know what's causing your leg swelling. Have you had a sonogram done of your leg to see if there are any clots? Has your doctor prescribed blood thinners for you?

Knowing what I know now about swollen legs, I wish I had been more concerned about mine, and I always encourage people to get to the bottom of what's causing theirs.

I haven't worn support hose since I had compression stockings on in the hospital. I really think you should find out what's causing the swelling.

Good luck - I hope your CA125 is staying low!

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Hi Monika, Mom had extreme swelling for almost a year in her legs and feet. They said it was from the lymph fluid. When they did massive surgery on her, somehow your system produces too much fluid..I think it is called ascites. Your body is trying to comprnsate for all that has been removed I guess. I went and got quite a few pairs of support hose...and insurance did not cover. They were thigh high, and also knee socks. Her legs went down, but it caused swelling above the socks and then she also got a buildup of fluid in her stomach that made her feel bloated and was hard to breathe. She was doing therapy and that seemed to put them down a little. But the sure cure for her was propping them up as much as possible. Mornings her feet would be so small. For much of the year after surgery she could not wear shoes so I bought all kinds of booties with skid dots on the bottom. She also took a water pill which helped a little but not as much as you would think. I guess it's trial and error. We used the support kind for diabetics. The med supply store should be able to help you. I also had to wear them while I was recovering from surgery as they were afraid of blood clots because I was not moving around enough. You can also just get a wrap..like you would for an ankle injury...and just wrap the leg to reduce the swelling. That would be easier than trying to find socks to fit plus they are not easy at all to put on. Trying asking one of the medical folks you know. Hugs to you, Cindy

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