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Cancer Centers of America?

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Hello Online Family! ; )

I hope you all are safe, happy, and doing well today! Also, I hope you all have a terrific upcoming weekend, too! ; )

Now, onto business... ; ) Does anyone know anything about these "Cancer Treatment Centers of America?"

My mom mentioned them to me; so I decided to call and ended up talking with a really nice man for over an hour.

He said that their doctors "specialize" in Stage 3 and 4 cancers. I've also heard (from nurses in our family) that these type of clinics take more of a "holistic medicine approach?"

Again, anyone who wants to "chime in" on this topic I would (as always) very much appreciate it!

Sincerely & Love,
Mary from WI

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I have heard of Cancer Centers of America. There's one in Philadelphia. I may go there at some point. Haven't heard of anyone that has gone to one. A friend called to make an appointment and the first thing they asked was what type of insurance did she have. She was turned off by that and didn't make an appointment.


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see my post below.. first thing they asked me too. I actually can get an out of network opinion but they weren't even interested in discussing it. Off my list.

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Hi Mary,

I have only heard good things about them (think there are 4 now). One of our favorite books "Beating Cancer with Nutrition" was written by their Nutrional Director, Dr. Patrick Quillan. They are one of the few places in the US that truly incorporate some of the eastern medical approaches with the traditional western treatments. I definitely have them on my list if I ever need treatments again.

Lisa P.

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Mary, I've heard some good things about them also. They are also on my list of possible major centers to seek additional opinion, but we are leaning toward Sloan Kettering since we are in New York as they are supposed to be experts in liver therapy here. Good luck and prayers for your mom and family. Keep us posted. God Bless. Diane

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Mary, some additional info for you. I went to their website. You can "chat" with an expert there also. Unfortunately, they couldn't help me as I have an HMO and they said that hmo's refuse to pay for their treatment plans, and referred me to the National Cancer site , so if your mom has insurance that will pay or means of payment they are willing to talk to you. Good luck. Diane

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I too have heard lots of good things about them. My dad's naturopath mentioned them and she is all for their approach. Also, I would definitely recommend the book that Lisa mentioned, "Beating Cancer With Nutrition." I found it to be very interesting and a lot of what I read made so much sense.


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