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Results Are In

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Well the Dr called last night. All we know is that the results of the re-section are good. The dr said that they removed 14 inches of my Father's sigmoid colon and that in the 14 inches only 4mm's had cancer cells. I asked my Dad if he had staged it but he had said that all the dr said is he'll give him the pathology report on Tuesday when he removes the staples. In the mean time he suggested a bottle of champagne to celebrate (tongue in cheek of course) and that it was caught very early. I know that the original pathology had found some cells in the sub-mucosa so I am uncertain if this means that the cancer made it into the deeper tissue to bump it to a stage 2 or not. We do know that there is no chemo for being offered. However, we live in Canada and we were told that the prodical is that chemo is only offered if stage 3 or 4.

Thanks for all the prayers. I will continue to pray for all of you.

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CONGRATULATIONS! ANY bit of news is reason to celebrate!!!

Tell your dad "WAY TO GO!"



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FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES: I am in the US. I was DX in 7/06 with Stage II colon cancer. No lymph node involvement and no signs of spreading. It was in my sigmod colon. I don't remember how many inches were removed, but 14 nodes were removed. 7 on each side.

I was told by my Onc Doc that the protocol for Stage II (Mosaic Study) was the FLOFOX regime. Which was 6 months or 12 treatments given every other week. Drugs included 5FU, Oxyplantain (sp?) and Lecovorin. My Onc Doc also said that it is because no one really knows if there are any micro cancer cells floating in the body.

I hope this helps.

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Paula, that sounds great. 4 mm is very small. Hopefully the nodes are all clear. Depending upon where those 4 mm's are it could just be Stage 1.
I would celebrate.


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Yea! One more hurdle jumped!!! Please keep us posted...I was stage ? finally became, for lack of any good reason, stage III cause 1 node looked 'interested'....but, had a full course of chemo/rads for all the 'dust bunnies' that could be running around...

Hugs, kathi

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Good news Paula. He can start his road to full recovery now! God Bless.


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