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2 Years 8 Months and Still NED

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Hi All,

I had my 4 month CT and blood work on Tuesday. I typically have my CT early enough in the day that my doctor will have the results by the time I see him. On Tuesday, the hospital (I believe) goofed on my check-in time and I didn't get the results until Wednesday. I hate when the phone rings and you have to face the "moment-of-truth". All great news. Everything is clear and even the cyst they found last scan has resolved itself. No CT for SIX months this time! I didn't realize how tightly I was holding my breath until she told me the news and I realized that I had tears in my eyes.

I honestly do no know how some of you wait that long for results. It was hard enough waiting less than 24 hours for mine and some wait days-weeks.

You are all in my prayers and I hope everyone is having a great week!


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Congratulations! What wonderful news. Do the "happy" dance.


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That's fantastic news, Tricia! It's so inspiring for those of us at the beginning of our cancer journey to hear such good news.

Enjoy yourself!


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What a great mountain you have climbed. Getting to wait 6 months for a scan is such a great sound. I hope you enjoy yourself for the next six months. I look forward to the day my onc says lets wait 6 months. I will freak out.
Celebrate your great news for the next 180 days.

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Great news Tricia! Congratulations. I was looking for your personal web page. Do you have one?
I know that you were also young when you were diagnosed. I was 31. I'm 37 now and you, me and Scouty are all on the same timeline! I just had my checkup at the end of April for 2 1/2 years out. I started crying when I got my results too. It is so stressfull and is such releif to hear those words. I was just told that next time I can just have bloodwork done and skip the CT as long as my CEA remains very low....it has always been a good indicator for me. Anyway, it is nice to know that there are others out there in our shoes who are doing well. Thanks for the news!
-Susan H.

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Terrific news. Thanks for sharing. God Bless


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I thought I posted this already, but don't see it now. My personal web page here is named,
"You're never too young to get screened"

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You made my night. When I saw your post, I had a huge smile on my face. My mom is having a scan the second week in June, and then we are going to Dr. Cohn on the third week to get the results. Say a prayer for her, as always, you are in my prayers. Now, go enjoy this beautiful Colorado summer with your family!!
God bless-

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When I see Dr. Cohn, I try to schedule my CT in the morning (I use Pres. St. Luke just down the street) and see him in the afternoon. Usually, they will at least have the picture posted and some or all of the transcription so I can get some or all of my results the same day. If he doesn't have it yet, he always tells me to call the next day for the results. I just ask for his nurse and she calls me back. I don't think I have ever waited longer than 24 hours for my results. Makes it a little easier.

Take care and I pray for great results for your mom.


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Go Bear, rock on ((((((ron))))))

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Congrats on the great results!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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That is great news! Enjoy!!!!! Thank you for sharing your news. Now try to forget about it for awhile and enjoy life!!! Have a great weekend!


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