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Dear friends,

I have another question. I'm having a portacatheter put in tomorrow. I'm freaking out....
How was it? Did it hurt? Were you asleep?

After my colon/liver resection I'm so scared of needles and pain...

Thanks for getting back to me!

36 yrs old, Stage IV with liver mets, 10 mos old baby

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Hi Christele,

I have a port so not sure how a portacath is different. I will say though that it is a lot better being accessed on one of these instead of the chemo nurse trying to find a vein each time. I still have mine in and chemo was over about 1 year ago. The proceedure for mine was as outpaitent. I will say though that I had one done asleep and one awake. Go with the asleep if you can. Also, even now after having chemo my veins are worse and harder to access. Just think of getting one as one step closer to getting better.

Lisa F.

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Christele, don't be scared at all, mine was done by the same surgeon that did my colon surgery,at the moment that they take you to the O.R. you will be completely unconcious, at least it was like that with me, a little disconfort on my way home but really nothing to complain about, I hope that you have the same experience.

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Hi, my hubby had a regular port put in, as outpatient. He had a "local" and says he didn't feel anything. His shoulder was a little sore that nite. Remember, You went through two major surgeries. You will do fine! Keep us posted . God Bless.


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I had mine put in the first week of Jan. I had a general anesthesia, but it was very light and I went home really quickly afterwards.
it was very easy and uneventful.

When chemo started, it was a lot easier. There was some swelling, but it went away. It was not painful. Later, after the swelling goes down, the port is a little prominent and it leaves a small scar, but that scar is nothing like the original surgery! (I have rectal cancer, so I'm sporting a significant scar, to put it mildly.)

The port will be a good deal for you. Good luck, and count on prayers!

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Christele - I had a portacath put in over a year ago. I was semi-conscious but felt no pain. The idea is far worse than actual surgery. The biggest drag is not being able to shower for a couple of days. The first chemo treatment that you have with the port will convince you that it was worth it. I recommend them to anyone looking at several months of chemo. Also, ask if you can get the newer models that can take higher pressure. My understanding is that those can be used for CT scans as well as chemo.

Good luck and get some sleep! I hope you understand how fortunate you are to have started with surgery, I had to wait 5 months and a lot of folks don't become eligible.


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Hi Christele,

The insertion of the port was a piece of cake compared to my colon and liver resection. I wasn't completely out. Only felt some tugging. It was sore for a little while afterwards. Good luck. You are too young to have to go through this!


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